How Bariatric hospital beds help bed-ridden bariatric patients


Obesity has lately acquired epidemic proportions, affecting 100 million adults in the US alone. There’s a branch of science to deal with the issue. They call it bariatrics. Besides addressing the underlying causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity, the medicine also focuses on ensuring the right medical care to the morbidly obese. That’s where the bariatric hospital bed steps in.


Sturdy and ergonomically designed, these special beds ensure convenience, comfort, and safety for bed-ridden bariatric patients during recovery from a procedure or illness. If you too are a bariatric patient in the recovery phase, these beds make perfect sense. Let’s elaborate on why.


Higher weight capacity:

Special conditions require special equipment. Obesity is all about excessive weight and the regular beds are not designed to handle it. Conversely, bariatric beds are made of heavy-duty steel and feature a special understructure to endure weight up to 1200 lbs, depending on the model and brand. While regular beds cramp for bed space, bariatric beds are wider, allowing the patient to shift positions and feel at home while resting. Plus, the width options are wide to cater to any requirement. From options like 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60” – take your pick.



Worried about safety? Breathe easy, the bariatric hospital bed do well on this front as well. Made of heavy-duty materials, they won’t yield to excessive weights, unlike the regular beds. Side rails are a permanent fixture across all brands and models, in line with the fall prevention protocols. Measures are also there to deter fire incidences and patient entrapment involving bed, hospital bed mattress, and side rails. Some even come with the “turn assist” feature for increased safety and convenience when changing linens and checking wounds. However, not all bariatric beds are created equal. Some are tested to stringent safety standards, while others are not. It’s critical to determine the safety features and certifications before purchasing.



Whether you are hospitalized or receiving home health care, the bariatric hospital bed is designed to ensure optimal convenience for the caregivers. These beds are equipped with a transport trolley system, again subject to the model and brand. With this system in place, caregivers find it easy to move and handle the patient at home or in a healthcare facility. Tasks like transporting the patient into the bed or out of it, and repositioning the patient to avoid bedsores are made easy. The patient’s limbs are supported when assisting him/her in everyday movements. Plus, adjustable leg-lift and deck height further the care giver’s convenience.



Bariatric hospital beds are all about patient comfort. The bed’s sturdy and stable frame ensures complete peace of mind while the mattress enhances comfort levels. The bariatric hospital bed mattress is different from the regular ones in terms of size, sturdiness, longevity, and more. Made of heavy-duty gauge springs and high-density foam, it can accommodate heavyweight users and endure the test of time. Count on the bariatric mattress to adjust to the patient’s weight, body type, and movement. That’s critical for warding off and treating pressure ulcers. The fabric usually used is good enough to keep at bay the accumulation of heat and moisture.



Bariatric beds are tailor-made medical equipment meant to support the unique requirements of the bed-ridden, morbidly obese while they are hospitalized or receiving care at home.


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