Hottest trends in luxury home décor in 2020


Just like fashion, luxury home décor sees the rise and fall of trends. While luxury home décor trends don’t change quite as quickly as fashion trends, they do change over time. If you are about to give your home a luxury home décor makeover, it is a good idea to know about the latest trends of home décor. Since luxury home décor is not cheap and you don’t want to find out later on that the décor you have bought has fallen out of fashion years ago. While you should be focusing on your preferences when getting luxury décor for your home, there is no reason you can’t do that and be trendy at the same time. That is why in this article, we are going to tell you about the hottest luxury home décor trends of 2020. So you can decide whether you want to incorporate them into your home renovation project or not.

Hanging Clouds Are The Latest Designer Home Décor Fad

Clouds and décor items inspired by the sky are becoming popular in luxury home décor. These decorative clouds can incorporate lighting and even speakers, so they don’t just look good; they are a practical designer home décor trend. The lightning in these clouds can be made to mimic lightning. Not to mention you can install a single cloud or a whole bunch of them. Hanging directly from the ceiling, these decorative clouds complement the area they are placed. You can have them custom made by companies such as Richard Clarkson Studio. You can get multi-colored luxury decorative clouds with various functionalities. They even come with a remote control function so you can play around with the lighting and patterns of the decorative cloud.


The Back To Nature Theme Is In

If you look for Luxury home decor ideas online, you will see a lot of luxury home décor contains plants. Specifically speaking, olive trees have made their way into luxury home décor trends in 2020. The reason olive plants have become so popular in the luxury home décor is because of their toned-down appearance. The subtle coloring of olive plants gives your home interior a natural look without adding too much bright coloration. It is not just the olive trees that have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Indoor plants are being incorporated into modern interiors and it seems like the indoor plants’ trend is here to stay.

Striking Patterns And Bold Colors

The trend of minimalistic interior décor is behind us and patterns along with bolder colors are making a comeback. The simple look doesn’t cut it anymore and if you look at any of the high-end home decor websites, you will see bolder patterns and brighter colors being showcased. Recently luxury home décor has been all about adding personality to your home interior. We have seen some really extreme pattern-based luxury interiors with the same patterns and colors extending from the floor to the ceiling. However,  you can always make a contrast of designs with different patterns and coloring for the floor, walls, and the roof. None the less, patterns are in trend and they are here to stay. You will start seeing a lot more pattern-based interiors with striking color schemes in the upcoming years.

Art And Antiques

No luxury home décor is complete without adding art to it. Recently we have seen a rise in the use of art pieces, including vintage pieces in elegant home décor. If you don’t already have an art collection as wall decoration, you should probably start collecting them. The aged vintage luxury décor pieces have also been a sought after luxury décor accessory in 2019 and even during the current year.


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