Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable


The stage is now set for the biggest Black Friday event since the evolution of the Internet. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Many men in the house looking for a place to sit and sleep after eating, and when the children run around the house, the women sit down and gossip about the latest happenings. what happened


Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. For some, it has become a tradition, and for others, when it comes to controlling issues and the news comes at ridiculous times, they run first to get a flat-screen TV. The hottest toy for their kids.


As Black Friday approaches, shopkeepers make all the stops, which is the biggest Friday. Most traders rely on this time of year as the main line turns black and generates more revenue. It is selling well this year and is “flowing” to boost advertising sales. There are also some big businessmen who opened their doors earlier this year, trying to take advantage of Black Friday. The goal this year is to open the doors at midnight, and the rest will follow. The deal is said to be coming at a time when the economy is  best color laser printer for home use black friday sale

The idea of ​​a “Black Friday” trading day has prompted marketers to launch some of the biggest marketing promotions in years, and in recent years e-shops have sprung up as the world went digital.

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Fortunately, for the best shopping, this means that more people will gather at the store on Friday morning as they keep claiming lower electronics prices. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed last year said they plan to put their money in an e-shop, while 36 percent said video games are the strongest on the shopping list. Thus, the Best Buy 2010 ad is full of very serious deals, including attractive discounts on low-cost TVs that save 99-inch 15-inch LCDs and big TVs like the $ 1,500 Samsung 55-inch HD TV. Included. The best super cup party. Other notable offers include a $ 150 Netbook from Compaq, a ڈالر 30 free card purchased for an 8GB Pod Touch ($ 229), a گ 100 discount on a video game console and a Dyson Cleaner.


Surprisingly, the electronics retailer did not offer the free online shipping selected by its competitors, which could be the best purchase since the Black Friday 2011 announcements. The electronics store offers a variety of packages with video game systems and TVs, of course this year is picking up popular items for Black Friday. The biggest question, of course, is whether the best purchase will offer a discount for its tablets and whether it looks like a new hot electronics item for the holidays. You won’t find big discounted iPads (retailers are barred from discounting Apple products), but its competitors will definitely want to lower the price of digital tablets so that Apple’s presence in the single market Can be reduced. Best Buy non-iPhone phones – note similar shortcomings, especially on smartphones.

slowing. At this point, merchants need to attract retailers, and since most of them have smartphones, the comparison store will continue to do so and the best-selling stores will win.


What’s different about Black Friday this year? Well, I can tell you, there are some differences. This time it’s harder than ever to talk to store owners. This means that many traders have relaxed their issuance of shares. The next thing is to save not only big store ads but also big door printers! The next thought is that Black Friday sales should be very high, and Cyber ​​Monday is always expected to be high.

Cyber ​​Monday is on the road like Black Friday. Next Monday Cyber ​​Monday is an online bonus. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.


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