Here are few ideas about choosing toilet


The WC

It is the most common model of all the toilets currently available on the market. It is fitted to most household toilets since it is hygienic, comfortable, and easy to install. If you don’t know what it is, this is a toilet model equipped with a bowl, placed on the floor, and a tank that stores the water needed for evacuation. Toilet flushing and a flap linked to the bezel on which you sit. Screws allow the toilet to be fixed to the floor. It is connected to the water users by a pipe or a sleeve.

The suspended toilet

This modern toilet model has the advantage of being hygienic, aesthetic, and silent. It fits perfectly into a contemporary bathroom. This type of toilet is trapped in a cabinet called a cabinet. The main disadvantage of this model is that it requires more work than a simple toilet to pose. However, its advantages are multiple. You can adjust the height of the bowl according to your needs. If Toilet flushing slow, it should be concealed by the frame, the noise of its filling is thus greatly reduced. Maintenance is relatively easy since there is no pipe or visible feet. The toilet seat can also be unclipped and the toilet bowl is often anti-lime.

WC macerator

The macerator toilet does not require medical evacuation. It can therefore be an alternative solution for certain parts of the house such as the basement or the attic. You can also put them in other places of life such as motorhomes and mobile homes. One of the downsides of this model of toilet is that it works with the help of an electric motor, which is energy-dependent and therefore increases your consumption. The noise level can also disturb the neighborhood.

Turkish toilet

Few of the homes are equipped with a Turkish toilet since this model of toilet is considered uncomfortable and difficult to access. However, this model is hygienic, above all, if it is used by many people.

The following table lists the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of toilets, so you can know which toilets to choose.

Freestanding toilets


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install


  • Quite bulky

Suspended toilet


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Height of the bowl adjustable according to the height of the users
  • Quiet


  • More complicated to install than a freestanding model
  • Macerator toilet
  • Does not require any connection to the drainage system
  • Can be used in hard-to-reach areas of the house
  • Dis: Electrically operated
  • Quite noisy

Turkish toilet


  • Hygienic for use in a high traffic area


  • Not very comfortable

Japanese toilets: what’s the point?

We did not put the Japanese toilet among the different types of toilets mentioned earlier, since they differ from these so-called classic models. Japanese toilets also called “washlets” incorporate a toilet and a bidet on the same product. They are also high-tech toilets, equipped with multiple functions. It has the function of washing the private parts with a hand shower which projects the water on the part to be cleaned. The water temperature is adjustable according to your needs. The same goes for the water pressure and the positioning of the jets. The seat of these toilets is heated and they incorporate an air dryer. The functionality of this new kind of toilet does not end there.

The use of these high-tech toilets is relatively easy since buttons or sometimes a remote control allow you to choose the functions that you like. If you have not yet decided to completely change your toilet for these models, know that there are now multifunction toilet seats that adapt to all types of toilet. You can thus benefit from the advantages of Japanese toilets without completely changing your toilets.

These Japanese toilets have multiple advantages. First of all, they are hygienic, because they allow a perfect cleaning of the private parts. They are also ecological since they reduce the use of toilet paper. They also allow people with reduced mobility to regain their dignity and autonomy. In addition, if you are prone to constipation, this type of toilet is for you since the water jet prevents and cures constipation problems.

Which toilet choose during traveling:

Do you like to travel and you don’t know which toilet to choose? Don’t worry, there are now portable toilets. These are mobile toilets, easy to transport that accompany you during your travels. When choosing this type of toilet, check the size of its tank. If there are many users, choose a model with a large tank. As a guide, a portable toilet with a 20-liter tank is suitable for a 4-person household. Comfort during use and ease of emptying are other points to consider when choosing these toilets. In general, prefer models with handles that make it easier to transport the toilet for emptying.

There are also the traditional chamber pots that you can use both at home and on your travels. There is the children’s night vase, ideal for potty training to your child, but also the plastic bucket, with lid, which is suitable for an adult.

The various essential accessories for a toilet

When you are fitting out your toilet, you need other practical or decorative accessories, the main ones of which are below.

The flaps

To bring a little revival in your toilet, it is sometimes enough to change the toilet seat. They are available in all shades and for all styles. Plain, patterned, sober or flashy color, you are spoiled for choice. Whichever model of toilet seat you choose, make sure it is the same size as your toilet bowl.

WC accessories

When you set up the toilets in your home, do not forget to put the various toilet accessories that you may need on a daily basis. One of these accessories is the toilet paper dispenser or holder. In addition to being practical, it is a decorative element of your sanitary facilities. Choose a model that best suits your style and the overall decor of your home. You also need a toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl and keep it spotless at all times.

Replacement parts

Like all the equipment in your home, your toilet can be faulty. To correct any leaks and other inconveniences, it may sometimes be essential to change certain elements of your toilet. It is for this reason that it is advisable to always have gaskets or float valves available.


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