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HealthRx app

A report suggests that India’s healthcare sector is slated to reach Rs.8.6 trillion by 2022. While the cost of seeking competent healthcare still remains high in the country, access to healthcare services has undoubtedly improved in recent years. This accessibility has been further bolstered by the emergence of healthcare apps, which has streamlined the availability of a plethora of medical and auxiliary services.

HealthRx is one such app that acts as a one-stop destination for several types of healthcare solutions. Following is a look at how this app can be a personalized companion to propagate a healthier lifestyle for families in India.

What are the benefits of the HealthRx app?

Given the current circumstances, the need for better healthcare facilities and services in this country is more pronounced than ever. The Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app is an avenue that allows users to avail of several types of health-related services in just a few clicks, right from the comfort of one’s home.

A few of the most notable features of this app proffering both improved and personalised healthcare services in India are as follows.

1. Personalised healthcare-related packages

The app helps you to personalize several healthcare services as per your requirements. Few of these include preventive health check-ups, routine check-ups, health insurance policies, medical and doctor consultation, etc. With such personalized services, users can ensure that they avail the best of medical facilities, as and when required.

2. Track down the best doctors

It allows you to search for the best doctors in your vicinity with various specializations like cardiology, general physicians, dermatology, dentistry, pediatrics, etc. as per your requirements. You can track down doctors by their names, the name of clinics, their specialty, or through your symptoms that need a diagnosis.

3. Book appointments at healthcare facilities

Once you have tracked down the doctor you need, you can make an appointment through this app. It thus effectively eliminates the hassle of waiting in long queues at clinics or hospitals.

4. Know your personalized health score

You can effectively gauge your lifestyle choices and habits as well as your fitness level by answering a few questions in the app. With a 5-step assessment, the app will offer you an insight into your physical and mental health, and also predict the diseases you are at risk from in the future. In this regard, the app is one of the best tools that can help make proactive lifestyle choices for improved health and well-being.

5. Store all your health records in one place

It allows you to upload all your prescriptions, laboratory test results, records like vitals and BMI at one place, thus allowing you to avail them whenever required, without any hassle. The app makes these records readily available to share with your doctor or any lab if required.

6. Schedule reminders

The healthcare services centric app helps you to schedule daily reminders for timely medication intake. You can also schedule vaccination reminders for children through the app, thus helping you ensure that your upcoming appointments are taken care of.

7. Access telemedicine benefits

Telemedicine refers to the process of seeking consultation or medical care remotely, in case the patient is not able to travel to visit a doctor. The app facilitates online doctor consultation through video and eliminates the risk and hassle of visiting hospitals or clinics.

Furthermore, the app also makes dealing with the current predicament easier by offering Covid-19 kit, through which one can assess his/her symptoms, locate the nearest testing labs and book tests without hassles.

With such benefits and more, the app simplifies a user’s approach to healthcare services. Furthermore, with financial institutions bringing health EMI cards to the market, these have not just become accessible, but considerably more affordable as well.

For instance, the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card is one such healthcare financing tool that allows users to convert their medical bills into No-Cost EMIs, payable with a tenor of up to 24 months. Individuals can utilise the benefits of this health card for more than 800 medical services, including surgeries, treatments for critical and non-critical ailments, diagnostic care, hair transplantation, slimming treatments, maternity care, etc.

Existing customers of the NBFC can apply for the card online through the official website with a one-time fee of Rs.707. Once the health card status is approved, individuals can utilise it at any of the institution’s 5500+ partner healthcare facilities across more than 1,000 cities.

How to use the HealthRx app?

Individuals can avail the benefits of this app conveniently by downloading it to their smartphone. To do so, they can follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store to download the app on Android or Apple phones, respectively.
  • Provide a contact number to the app when prompted.
  • Enter OTP generated and login.
  • Provide details like name, gender, and age to start using this app.

Thus, with a simple registration process and easy-to-use interface, the app allows users to avail personalized healthcare services at one touch.


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