Handy Tips for Selecting the Right Exercise Equipment


Time, effort, and energy – These are considered some of the most important factors if you want to put your best foot forward in the gym. However, there’s another aspect that holds equal that is exercise equipment, if not more, importance. It relates to using the right gym equipment.

Here are a few considerations regarding exercise equipment that you need to bear in mind:

  • You must learn the proper use and handling of the equipment and machinery to avoid injuries that might put off your exercise regimen temporarily or permanently.
  • Even the best equipment produces results only when you use them regularly or with a proper exercise schedule.
  • You would find exercise gear and equipment in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges. If you want to build a small home gym as well, make sure that you read the customer reviews and check the ratings before purchasing any.

Exercise Equipment


Having said that, here are some of the basics of exercise equipment you need to know:

Cardio Equipment

You would have seen rows of machines that are designed for:

  •         Cycling, walking, running
  •         Rowing, skiing, and stair climbing

These machines allow for good cardio workouts that help with both burning calories and fats. You can find motorized and non-motorized cardio equipment. They come in both heavy-duty or lighter home versions.

Some of the most common aerobic exercise equipment are:

Cross-country Ski Machine

You can simultaneously work on your arms and legs with this machine. The same way as you would in cross-country skiing. The motion is easy on the knees. Some skis move independently, while some require you to move forward so the other moves back.

Elliptical trainers

A cross between a ski machine and stair-stepper, elliptical trainers give a circular up and down motion. These machines provide a stress-free workout that is easy on the joints as well. You can adjust the resistance and grade automatically and manually both. It will take time to get used to the unique motion, see that they have comfortable handlebars and non-slip pedals. Check the machine’s grade and speed at different angles.

Rowing Machines

You can work on your arms, back, and legs simultaneously with rowing machines. It provides almost an all-body workout. If you have never rowed a boat, the motion might feel a bit unfamiliar to you at first and a bit hard on the back. In case,  you are getting it for a home gym, go for pulley models for a realistic experience.


Giving a low-impact workout that mimics the climbing flight of stairs, these machines are great for toning legs. Some models come with hand grips to work on arms. But, it is a bit hard on the knees. Find those that offer independent foot action and come with handrails and large stair platforms.

Stationary bicycle

This exercise bike does not require training and is easy to use as well. It can be uncomfortable for long stints. It may not be effective in preventing osteoporosis as a weight-bearing workout, it is good for cardiovascular health. Look for a model that comes with a comfortable and adjustable seat, and toe clips.


You can run or walk indoors with a treadmill. Some models come with a less joint-jarring surface and are flexible as well. Go for a strong motorized treadmill as it tends to last longer. Also, make sure  the belt is long and wide for your stride.

Strength Equipment

Strength equipment helps you build strength by harnessing the body and external weight as a resistance force. The style and prices vary greatly the same way as cardio equipment. There are portable home models as well as costly Professional equipment found in gyms and fitness centers.

Ankle Weights

Like side leg raise and hip extension, ankle weights are optional for strength exercises. Go for the one with comfortably padded ankle cuffs and pockets hold half or 1 pound weight bars as you get better. Usually, ankle weights are 5 to 10 pounds.

Exercise Mat

A non-slip and well-padded exercise mat is a must for floor exercises for your home gym.

Hand Weights

Hand Weights/ free weights are dumbbells used for doing strength training. Start with sets of weights as low as 2 and 5 pounds, depending on your strength. You can add heavier weights as you advance. You can also check sports resale stores if you want them for a home gym. D-shaped weights and dumbells with padded center bars are easier to hold.

Resistance Bands and Tubing

These are used for a full-body strength workout. They are cheap, portable, light-weight, and compact. You can challenge the resistance by seeing how many reps of an exercise you can do. Resistance is too high if it’s less than 8. And if more than 12, it is too low. Before starting, positioning your hands/feet closer together or far apart on the band/tube could assist in trying different resistance levels. You could try out different positions to learn easier and harder reps.

You can easily find most of this equipment in gyms in Dubai. All you need to do is learn to use them right.


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