Handpicked Ground Spices Available in Bulk


hat! The freshness, aroma and quality are way beyond any spices you’ll ever find. That’s the magic of ground spice powder.

With the rise in demand for ground spices, wholesale spices suppliers are in trend too. A lot of retailers are selling bulk spices at wholesale rates. These spices can add value to your tea business. They not only make the tea fresh but also add to its quality. Tea lovers adore adding ground spice powder to their tea. Spices add a unique and healthy touch to the tea. Plus, you can use these spices in different dishes as well. You might have heard that Indians use ground spices very frequently. From tea to cooked dishes, everywhere!

Let’s have a look at the type of ground spice powders available online!

Ginger Kibbled

It’s used in many cuisines globally. Predominantly, it’s used in Indian cuisine. Ginger Kibbled is an aromatic spice that’s perfect for desserts, cooking and drinks. The ginger undergoes a washing, drying and slicing process. It’s delicate, light in colour and has a warm aroma.

Cinnamon Chips

It’s an aromatic and fresh spice that’s used in the making of savoury dishes. You can also add it to sweets and desserts. This ground spice powder is brown in colour. It comes in a slightly sweet taste with an earthy aroma.

Star Anise Whole

This one is used in many cuisines internationally. It’s distinctive, renowned and used in alcohols as well. Many use it for the production of liquor. The top-notch quality whole spice is very light. Plus, it’s darker brown in colour. It has a typical flavour of Star Anise.

Whole Cloves

Cloves are used in many cuisines. Plus, they are quite famous worldwide. It’s a popular spice in Indian cuisine. The aromatic spice is a good addition to drinks, desserts, and cooking dishes. It’s a high-quality dried spice. It has a yummy aroma and a strong taste.

Whole Cardamom Pods

All around the world, people use whole cardamom pods. But, it is a great addition to the Indian kitchen. From desserts, drinks to dishes, you can add them anywhere. It has a flavour of cardamom and is very light in colour.

Aren’t these ground spices exciting? Whole and ground spices are fresher than the tea leaves. These are handpicked and have the topmost aromas and flavours. There’s so much to it. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger ground, cloves and so on. Ground spices are fun and they make your tea time even more fun. So, what are you waiting for? Buy ground spice powder online at wholesale rates.


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