Guides for Shipping your Commodities from China to Canada and Australia


Every year, lots of Australian and Canadian traders import electrochemical items, toys, furniture, and several other products from China. More than 60% of imports to Australia are from China. As an importer, you may have also thought of buying commodities from the Chinese market.

However, international shipping may be slightly confusing when you do not know everything about the process. Although you can hire freight forwarders for your shipments, you have to co-operate with them to simplify it. We have now shared some vital shipping information to help traders and sellers in Australia, Canada, and China.

Learn About the Import Rights

While purchasing a small package from foreign countries for personal needs, couriers, like DHL and UPS will deliver it to your door. However, as you are going to buy commercial goods for your business, it is essential to know about the import rights.

Canadian importers have to use a Business Number obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency. Conversely, Australian importers do not need to have any import license.

Import rules are applicable only to products imported for resale and commercial purposes. There is a custom authority to qualify a product for personal needs.

Classify commodities – Find the landed cost

There is a tariff classification number (a 10-digit number) for every item to be imported. Both the Certificate of Origin and this number are essential to identify the rate of duty that you must pay for importing goods. It helps in calculating the landed cost. Thus, before placing your order, you must calculate this cost and focus on Incoterms.

Unanticipated fees that crop up while shipping items will cause an effect on the overall landed cost. That is why you must calculate the cost of shipping from China to Canada and Australia.

Cargo transport arrangement – The most important step to ship products from China

You need to identify different costs related to shipping from China to Australia and Canada-

  • Terminal handling fees
  • Packaging fees
  • Container fees
  • Broker charge

To analyze your shipping costs, you need to concentrate on these factors. Moreover, the choice between sea freight and air freight also makes a difference in the cost.

Another essential thing for your import is the potential delay. For instance, some unprecedented factors, like goods held by the customs and vessels not scheduled on time, can delay the shipping process. Furthermore, your cargo needs 1 to 2 days to move from the factory to your chosen port.

Based on the choice of your freight forwarders, you will find the following services-

  • Pick-up and delivery- The best shipping company will manage the pickup and delivery process on your behalf. It will pick up items from the supplier’s warehouse and deliver them to the desired location.
  • Packaging- The reliable freight forwarder for China to Australia and Canada like China Freight knows about the packaging rules of every country. Thus, you have no chance of violating import regulations.
  • Labeling- Labeling is one of the notable steps to ensure that you can ship goods based on the legal rules. Labeling rules are different based on the type of products imported from other countries. Ingredients labeling is essential for some products (cosmetics). Moreover, for apparel and similar other products, there must be careful labeling. Electronic products also need the RCM mark as the proper labeling.
  • Warehousing services- With the best freight forwarder, you will have no storage issue. If you are waiting for your shipping vessel to load your cargo, you can choose this warehousing solution. The warehouse facility at different locations will keep your goods safe.
  • Supervising cargo loading- The reputable shipping companies ensure that they have loaded the cargo into your sea vessel, aircraft, and transport vehicle safely. They have supervisions to manage these things.
  • Custom clearance- There is no need to be concerned about customs clearance management. Your freight forwarders work with licensed agents to deal with customs clearance.

Import customs clearance

Import customs clearance – What are essential documents for importers?

  • Certificate of Origin-

Certificate of Origin is one of the vital documents needed for shipping from China to Canada and Australia. But, the good news is that the Australian and Chinese governments made a Free Trade Agreement in 2019. Thus, you will enjoy zero tariff deals for shipping from China to Australia.

To avoid tariffs, you have to request the exporter to produce the certificate of origin. Without this certificate, you will not have this advantage. You must mention your-

  • Shipping date
  • Invoice date and number
  • Bill of lading
  • Voyage number and vessel name

Invoice details mentioned in the certificate of origin have to correspond to what is provided to importers.

Moreover, the Certificate of Origin has a 6-digit HS code that has to be consistent with your product. The gross weight and the number on the certificate must also match the packaging list and the bill of lading.

  • The packing list and the invoice

The packing slips and invoices are the most important customs clearance documents to import items to Australia and Canada from China. You will receive a stamped copy with a stamp. Furthermore, the packing list and invoice data should be consistent with the certificate of origin information.

  • Bill of lading-

It is another document related to your property rights. Without these documents, you will not avail of your cargo rights and clear the goods. Make sure that the consignee has consistent and accurate information on the certificate of origin and invoice.

container shipping port

Packaging your cargo before sending it to a port 

As your cargo moves from your factory to the port warehouse, it must remain stored in a container for one month. There are options for a 5-layer inner carton and outer carton. You may also use plastic wrapping on this outer carton.

The freight forwarder for China to Australia can guide you to choose the right pallets for your loads. Pallets are a must to ship a large number of commodities safely and cost-effectively.

To deal with heavy leads, you can choose wooden pallets of the right size. However, plastic pallets are also reliable and durable options.

Conversely, eco-friendly paper pallets are the right choice for managing lightweight loads. However, some importers prefer using steel pallets to protect their loads (like ammunition and weapon) from harsh weather conditions.

Choosing the right container for ocean freight

While shipping from China to Australia and Canada, you have to choose the right container. 20’GP and 40’GP containers are best for general purposes. With 20’GP containers, you can carry machinery, metals, and minerals. On the contrary, 40’GP containers can be the right choice for carrying voluminous cargo, including toys, furniture, and tyres.

When it is ocean freight, the charge for the 40′ container is lower than two 20′ containers. However, there are some special containers for other types of cargoes-

  • Open Top Container
  • Reefer Container
  • Tank Container
  • Flat-Rack Container

To find the perfect container for your shipments, you can consult with your freight forwarders.

Shipment type- FCL and LCL

Full Container Load refers to the option when you need to load the container with only your goods. While you purchase a high quantity of goods to ship from China to your country, you can choose FLP. You need to pay a reasonable amount as the freight cost per unit.

Conversely, Less Than Container Load is another choice to import a small amount of cargoes. You can share the container with other importers to save costs. Moreover, LCL/FCL rate is a small part of the overall shipping costs. Thus, you have to know the details of these two types of shipments for your cargo.

Ports in China for sea freight

  • Shanghai

Located on the East Coast of China, this port gets the advantage of the economically developed hinterland. The neighboring provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu have lots of factories.

  • Tianjin

It is surely one of the busiest and largest ports in China with steady container-handling operations. It is presently developing several other international and domestic routes. You can reach the emerging markets using its new routes.

  • Shenzhen

You can find this port in Guangdong, a gateway to Hong Kong. Due to the Free Trade Zone, Qianhai-Shekou, there are lots of trade opportunities.

  • Qingdao

In Shangdong Province, Qingdao has become a popular port for traders from northern China. It is one of the top global ports with its potentials to link to several countries.

Airfreight for shipping from China

Airfreight for shipping from China to Canada and Australia

The safest and fastest transportation mode for shipping from China to Australia is airfreight. If you have a tight deadline, you may prefer air cargo. To achieve success in your shipping by air, you can go through our guide.

Terminologies important for air freights

  • AWB

It refers to non-negotiable transport documents signifying that your goods are acceptable to the carrier. These documents are essential to moving your consignment to the destination airport.

  • Dimensional Weight

It is the Billable Weight and based on this weight, you need to calculate the carrier charge for your air freight.

  • IATA

It manages airline activities and makes industry standards and policies for all airlines.

  • Estimated Transit Time

Shippers use it for estimation of the departure and arrival of shipments.

Is airfreight advantageous to you?

Speed is one of the most notable factors for air shipments. When you are working with a freight forwarder for China to Canada and Australia, the shipping time maybe 3 to 5 days, thus, to reduce the delivery time of your shipment, you may choose air shipping.

Your shipping agent will manage the inland transportation and customs clearance. You may choose between door-to-door and airport-to-airport freight options for your commodities.

Which cargo is best for your air freight?

To import goods, including pharmaceuticals, jewelries, and wristwatches, you may prefer general cargo. However, special cargo refers to temperature-sensitive items and dangerous commodities. For instance, chemicals and some foods may need refrigeration during transportation.

You need to pass through some inspections for those commodities, as every airline has set different rules. Battery, oil, liquid, chemical, powder, motor-fitted items, and audio equipment fall into the special cargo category.

International airports in China

The freight forwarder for China to Australia and Canada chooses any of these airports based on the location of traders.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Hongkong International Airport
  • Kunming Changshui International Airport
  • Shenzhen Baoan International Airport
  • Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong International Airports

You can talk to your freight forwarder for China to Canada to know the nearest airport for your shipment.

Airfreight versus sea freight

A brief consultation with the freight forwarder for China to Canada and Australia will help you in choosing between these modes. Airfreight is the most preferred option for direct transport from one city to another. Most flights have direct routes for shipping from China to Australia and Canada.

However, to cover a long distance, you may invest in sea freight. Although the transit time for air freight is low, you need to pay a higher amount. Still, the best fact is that you will get the opportunity of capturing a good market share due to the faster delivery.

The type of cargo is another factor in choosing the right freight mode. Some airlines have set guidelines for limited weight and dimension for loading pallets.

Moreover, cargo safety is also a relevant factor in making your decision. Airport rules and regulations related to cargo security, storage, and management are very strict. Conversely, for sea freight, when you have not packed your container rightly, your cargo will be at risk. Thus, to find the right transportation mode, you can look for a freight forwarder for China to Australia and Canada shipping solutions.

Now, you may have understood the way of transporting goods from China to any other country. China is one of the hotspots for Canadian and Australian importers. You can grow your business by importing goods from this country. You can choose China Freight as the professional and reliable freight forwarder for China to Canada and Australia. You will get the best guide to make your shipping smoother and successful.

Moreover, the affordable rate of this freight forwarder will save you money. You may also track your cargo to know how it reaches your chosen destination. Thus, make a deal with a team of shippers of China Freight for your business needs.


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