A Guide To Common Hair Problems And Their Solutions


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Hair, the visible long shreds actually mean more than their appearance. Beautiful hair does not mean only good looking ones but hair health is important as is its visibility. To maintain good hair, it is essential to ensure that it is taken care of and it is well maintained. Different products available online that promise granting you the best hair quality might work but choosing natural products instead of chemically bonded ones is always a good choice to make. 

Natural products are devoid of paraben, sulphate, alcohol denat and phthalates that reduces any risk of breaking the hair follicles. These products, since they lack intensive chemical compositions, are indeed helpful in increasing hair quality, quantity and strength. This is the major reason why preferring natural hair products that are made of eco-friendly ingredients is the major hair hack. Khadi, one of the most loved natural brands promising chemical free hair products, has been in the race of not hair care but skin care products and is one of the best choices for gaining quality hair. Khadi natural products promise no paraben and sulphate products that not only reduce any risk but grant smooth, silky hair. 

On that note, let’s see some of the major hair problems and the products that can conquer them. 


  • Excessive oily hair 

One of the major complaints people make is their hair is too oily and they have tried every possible product. Unhealthy eating habits, improper medications or stress can cause oily hair, it’s normal. Excessive oily hair or too greasy hair after shampooing is not a huge task to tackle. Following these steps can help:

  1. Use a mild natural shampoo as it prevents sebum production.
  2. Use Khadi natural oil once or twice a week.
  3. Use a natural or neem comb to brush your hair daily. 


  • Less voluminous hair

Having less hair volume is another major problem that we have to tackle. Not caring for hair can cause hair fall, making it weak and thus less voluminous. These are the three easy steps that can help:

  1. Change your shampoo once in a while. Go for Khadi natural shampoo or products that have no chemicals. 
  2. Use hair masks or hair washing powder as they help in gaining hair volume and strength.
  3. To support and strengthen hair, make sure you are using a natural ingredient based hair color that can stick to the hair cuticles and make the hair strong. 


  • Regular split ends 

Split ends are the enemies of naturally strengthen hair as they break the hair. This makes the hair lose its natural capabilities to prosper. To avoid split ends, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Go for a little less intense hair care routine. 
  2. Make sure to cut the split ends regularly.
  3. Use Khadi Rose Repair shampoo to build hair cuticles. 


  • Presence of dandruff 

Dandruff, the ugly look of hair foes is the result of ignored hair treatments and carelessness. They not only look ugly but also distort the hair scalp, weakening the hair. Reducing dandruff is a task that requires regularity. 

  1. Use Khadi Hair oil or Khadi hair mask twice a week. 
  2. Use a bristle and natural comb and pamper your hair.
  3. Keep massaging hair scalp, never miss this step.


  • Extensive rough hair 

R0ugh hair can be natural but if y0u have had rough hair over time, it’s not natural. Change in hair care habits can help. These are the three steps you need to follow: 

  1. Use Khadi Natural cleanser to smooth hair. 
  2. Ensure using shampoo and conditioner that are chemical free. 
  3. Use coconut oil a while before shampooing. 


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