Insomnia is something that ails most of us today. While there are many health concerns that cause insomnia, sometimes it’s the level of noise we experience on a daily basis as well. Noise pollution has many known side effects that affect our health drastically. Apart from hearing loss, noise pollution wreaks havoc on our sleep cycle and a lack of sleep is proven to cause multiple physical and mental health issues such as heart ailments, stress, anxiety, lower immune function and more. This is where sleep aids come in handy, like white noise machines, ear plugs and eye masks. They enhance our quality of sleep and hence our overall health as well.




It is when we sleep that our body runs all our maintenance processes, sort of like running diagnostics on your computer. When these processes are interrupted, disorders result. A proper bedtime routine is essential for healthy living. There are multiple reasons for disturbed sleep, some caused by our body itself. While you can lodge complaints for high noise levels in any part of Australia, thanks to the Environmental Noise Policy we have, sound or light disturbances at home are something we don’t have full control over. Be it noisy kids or slammed doors, they do hinder the quality of our sleep which affects us in the longer run. White noise machines, ear plugs, eye masks and other sleep aids enhance the quality of our sleep.

Some medical conditions such as tinnitus make it harder to fall asleep and white noise machines help in forming a sound cocoon that eases us into restful sleep.




Today, there exist a wide variety of sleep enhancers that boost the quality of your sleep seamlessly. Ear plugs work great for light sleepers who struggle to sleep even with slightest of noises, from a snoring partner to loud kids. They protect our ears while we sleep and can also prevent ear infections by keeping bacteria at bay. Eye masks are perfect for both travel and when you want to catch a few Z’s  during the day and have issues with disturbances caused by light.


White noise machines are suited for babies as well, easing them into sleep when the warm bath does not knock them out right away. Sleep is integral for a growing child as their immune function is developing only then. White noise machines can either emit white noise or natural sounds according to the setting you prefer, it restores the sound equilibrium in the area and therefore, promotes sleep. Though it is important to follow all precautions when using a white noise machine in your child’s room.

Another sleep enhancer, that’s popular amongst those who experience night sweats, is moisture wicking sleepwear. Be it hot flashes, bad dreams or menopause, this apparel ensures that you won’t wake up in cold sweat by keeping the moisture away from your body. The fabric also dries quicker than most so that you won’t feel uncomfortable when you sleep.


Sleep is something that most of us take for granted today though it is an essential part of healthy living. Sometimes the environment we rest in cannot be controlled and hence it is important to invest in sleep enhancers that promise better sleep and, therefore, better health.





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