Gift Ideas To Bring Happiness To Your Father


Thinking about a perfect plant to surprise your father is not easy because fathers tend to be hard when expressing their inner emotions freely. You may not know whether he is really happy or not. But still, you can’t get away from your love for him, so here are some gift ideas that you can try to make him smile. 

happy fathers day cake

Best Dad Trophy

You can always tickle your father’s heart by letting him know that he is the best. And to do the task, you can hand over to him the BEST DAD TROPHY. If you are good at art and craft, then you can make the trophy at home. 

Super Dad LED Wall Decor

You can surprise your father after he comes back home from work. Pick an LED Wall Decor is Superman’s logo with Super Dad text. Hang it on the wall of his bedroom and switch it on. He will get surprised and will be extremely happy as soon he enters his room.

Father’s Day Melodies On Call

Throughout the year, you can choose any random day to make your father feel special. But, father’s day holds a special place. So do not let the occasion go without a celebration and a surprise. Book a singer on call and make him happy by dedicating a song sung by a melodious singer on call. 

Custom Cushion

Your father takes responsibility for your happiness, and he puts all his efforts to give it to you. You must take responsibility for his comfort in return, and you can do that with a gifting gesture. Present a personalised cushion to your father. Pick some of his best pictures and get them printed on a comfy cushion. 

No. 1 Dad Whiskey Glass

In common cases, dads do have a bottle of whiskey or other alcoholic drink in their almirah. And it helps them to take off the stress created by work pressure and other things throughout the day. So how about you gift them a set of whiskey glasses. Get the glasses engraved with ‘NO.1 DAD’. 

Men’s Hygiene Kit

If we talk about a useful gift combo, then this one surely finds a spot in the top ones. You can take care of your father by gifting a daily hygiene kit. Add items like shaving and beard care products, perfume, body deodorant, bathing soap, earbuds, and shampoo according to his hair type. You can arrange the kit by yourself, or you can order a pre-arranged one from an online gifting website. 

Delicious Designer Cake

Whether it’s his birthday or father’s day, it is always best to celebrate over a delicious cake. If it is his birthday, get a poster cake having birthday related graphics on it. And the celebration is for father’s day, then get a designer happy fathers day cake baked from the best bakery in town. 

Personalised Table Clock

If your father works in a corporation, then he must have a desk or a cabin. You can gift your father a personalised table clock that he can keep at his desk. It will help him complete projects in time and will also keep him happy with the power of your love. 

Personalized Chocolates

You don’t know, but fathers are actually lovers of sweet food. If you have noticed, they do love to eat the sweets that come home on occasions. Well, you don’t have to gift sweets but a box full of sweet and delicious chocolates. We are sure that he will love it. Get the box personalized with his picture and name. Apart from the soulful sweetness, a dose of chocolate also provides energy to the body.

A Plant

We know that you care for your father’s health more than anything, and you want him to stay healthy. Do you know that you can make the lord bless health on him? You can surprise him by gifting a soothing indoor plant. Buy it from an online nursery, as you can get beautiful vases along with the plant. 

We hope that you will succeed and witness a wide smile on your father’s face. Do not forget to hug him tightly and say ‘I LOVE YOU, DAD’ after presenting the gift. 



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