Get your property sold at no extra cost with the real estate agents!!




You would agree that nowadays the rates of the property are touching the sky. Be it purchasing the property or be it the selling of the property. You would be wondering how could selling of property be costly. Think that you want to sell your property, you will have to find an agent for the same who could help you proceed with the selling process. You will have to pay to the agents for the same and in most cases, even the commissions are also involved. Besides, there are many other costs involved as well. But do you know that these extra costs can be done away with, just with your single step? You just have to choose the right agent for this job and who can be more suitable for this job then the Bayside Real Estate Advocates. With them Selling My House concept has become very manageable. Bayside real estate advocates is run by Nicole Payne having 20 years of experience as an real estate agent and having sold approximately 3000 properties. You can contact these real estate agents through website.   These agents aim to provide saturated standards of service and awesome sale results of their property. These agent’s objective is to protect the vendors from unnecessary costs being demanded by the agents. In addition, they believe in reducing the pain of the vendors by preventing them from paying undervalue of their property as compared to the market price. The Bayside real estate agents professionally choose agents who work in close relationship with the vendors for their comfort and even asked for their experience before and after the sale is complete.


What is a Real Estate Advocate and why to approach them

They are the real estate professionalist industry vendors engaged in professional services for selling your house and providing advice with respect to the related topics.  Hire them and they won’t work for bulky costs with the vendors. These real estate agents very selectively choose agents with the in-depth procedure and after reviewing all market and sale strategies for representing the vendors and share commission with the selected agents. After appointing the agents, these professionals doesn’t leave the selected agents alone for dealing individually with the parties rather these professionals send weekly reports to the vendors, arrange face to face meetings for discussion on sale strategies and price negotiation.

You would be a bit tensioned right now as you would be thinking that you will have to pay extra and heavy charges for so much efforts of these professionals. Don’t worry, these won’t affect your pocket badly. As they share what they receive with the selected agents without charging extra from the vendors. On the contrary, they negotiate the price money with the purchasers at the best rate. There is a seven-step process followed by these professionals:

  1. Individual meeting
  2. Short listing
  3. Property tour
  4. Documentation
  5. Communication
  6. Sale stage
  7. After sale stage.



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