Get Rid Of Your Sweet Craving With These Scrumptious Indian Desserts In Dubai


No matter where you go, the taste of India will always follow you. It is not only Indian foods, but even Indian desserts have paved their way to peoples’ stomachs. While visiting a foreign country is fun, it does make you homesick, primarily if you are used to Indian food. For those touring the middle east, there are a few Indian restaurants in Dubai that serve the best desserts you can find.

Ras Malai

It is a soft, milky dessert that tastes the best when it is cold. Before marinating the Chenna Balls with sugar syrup, they are first cooked to perfection. Once marinated, they are dipped in a saffron milk base and garnished with pista.

Mal Pua

There are two versions of the mal pua, the first is made with egg, and the other is a vegetarian version. It is one of the tastiest desserts in India, also called Indian Pancakes. This dish is prepared with fennel seeds, yogurt, and refined flour and fried in certified butter/ghee. Once the pancakes are cooked, they are dipped in sugar syrup, garnished with dry fruits and served. This dish tastes best when it’s warm, but you can also have it cold.

Gulab Jamun

Known to be one of the most popular Indian desserts, Gulab jamuns are served in sugar syrup. These spongy and softballs are made from a levelling agent, flour, and milk solids. These balls are fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. If you want to enjoy this dish, then it’s best to have it when made.

Gajar Ka Halwa AKA Carrot pudding

Just as the name suggests, this dish is made from carrots, milk, and sugar. The carrot pudding is also one of the most popular Indian desserts in the world. The origins of this dessert come from North India and are generally made when during the winters when the carrots are red in colour.

Moong dal ka Halwa

Moong dal ka Halwa (Yellow Split Gram pudding) is a dish made all year round. It is a rich dessert and involves intense labor. This halwa is garnished with almonds and pista and best eaten when it is hot.

Rabri / Rabdi

The Rabri is nothing but thick sweet milk that has layers of cream or malai in it. It is often garnished with pistachios, almonds, cardamom powder, and saffron. Most of the time, combined with jalebi or falooda. It tastes best when it served chilled.

Mango Kulfi

The kulfi is an Indian version of ice cream and is rich in flavor. The mango kulfi is one of the favorites, especially during the summers. This dish is prepared with mango pulp, milk, and some sugar. It is then garnished with some dry fruits.

Matka Kulfi

Another version of the kulfi is called the Matka Kulfi AKA Pot Kulfi. It is prepared with loads of dry fruits and condensed milk. If it is served with black chia seeds and vermicelli, it is called as Matka Kulfi falooda.


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