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Knowing the specific requirements for the right personal disability insurance package requires experience. Depending on their unique circumstances and needs, group disability insurance companies provide custom disability income insurance quotes to every person. Consider purchasing a policy if you do not have sufficient coverage of disability or are self-employed. The insurance covered by employers usually only pays up to a cap for part of their basic wage. This is a smart idea, if your income is well beyond your limits or if you count on bonuses or commissions, to add to this coverage.

The insurer takes other types of disability insurance into account to decide what coverage you should receive. In general, from the combined coverage, you cannot replace more than 75% of your income, Hoffman says.

Buying your own policy lets you:

    • Customize the coverage by adding additional characteristics, such as annual living costs.
    • Select the best-offered personal disability insurance firm.
    • When changing jobs, keep the coverage. When you leave the company, employer-pay coverage expires. (If you pay the entire personal disability insurance premium offered on-the-job, you might take over the coverage)
    • Disability insurance control. The coverage remains unchanged while you pay for it. The compensation offered by the employer would however end if the employer wants to quit providing disability insurance.
  • When you are disabled, receive tax-free payments. You have to pay benefits taxes if the employer pays for coverage.
  • According to the Disability Awareness Council, the annual price for a long-term disability insurance policy usually amounts to 1-3% of your annual income. The cost is affected by a number of factors.
  • Your age and health: the older, the more medical problems you have, the more you are paid
  • Your gender: Usually , women pay more because more claims are filed
  • Whether you smoke: You pay less if you don’t smoke
  • Your occupation: When you work in a position at high risk of injury, you will pay more.
  • The definition of disability: The broader the definition of disability, the more premium it raises. If you can’t work in a job, but can earn income in less-paid jobs, a policy that covers you will be more expensive than a policy, only if there’s no work.
  • Length of waiting period:  By increasing the waiting period before benefits start up, you may reduce the premium.
  • Your income: The more revenues you have to safeguard, the more coverage you pay for.
  • Length of benefits: The longer you are covered by the policy when you become disabled, the more you will pay in premium amounts.
  • Extra features: The premium would be raised by added features such as cost-of-living inflation adjustment.

Find the correct coverage. No less. No more. All the quotations. There’s no confusion.

Individual and Group disability insurance companies coverage calculation allows you to figure out step by step the coverage options that matter most to you in the long-term disability policy. They made shopping easy for insurance for disability. The application process is controlled to provide the best coverage from accredited experts and CFPs. Their licensed consultants work with the insurance company. Expert, one-on-one support from beginning to end.

Group Disability Insurance Companies promise to help you get the best protection for your situation. How do they keep their promise?

  • Widest choice of A-rated disability insurers means they can find a policy that meets your unique situation
  • Experience finding coverage for people with complex medical histories
  • They will shop your offer around if the price changes after underwriting is complete



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