Generator repair and service centres

Generator repair

The resources available to us these days have escalated our productivity and performance at a high rate in a limited period. Among all the resources, energy and electricity occupy a first position in the developing era. Schools, offices, households, shops, airports, hospitals, streets, and many more prominent active places have the requirement of electricity to work efficiently.

Although a drawback which is faced by the population are power cuts. Most of the day to day activities depend upon the availability of electricity, and due to power cuts, these activities are more likely to be interrupted, which can lead to loss of productivity.

Installing generators is the solution to overcome this obstacle as a generator is a powerful machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, providing us with an ample amount of electricity to carry on with our work. It is used on a small scale as well as in large scale industries and businesses, and due to its daily usage in the areas of high power cuts; it is prone to get damaged. Therefore, Generator repair and maintenance is important twice a year so that they can work properly.

Some common generator failures include:

  1. Engine failure
  2. Control Equipment failure
  3. Alternator

These failures are the result of:

  1. Dead batteries
  2. Burnt components in the system due to overheating
  3. Wear and tear
  4. Dry belts
  5. Absence of coolant
  6. Damage by external factors such as weather.

While having a source of the alternate power, you can keep the generator in shape if it is taken care of properly. There are few things which can be handled on your own such as:

  • Checking on the available fuel/gas and keeping the tanks full
  • Cleaning parts regularly
  • Starting it up after a few months if not used frequently
  • Storing it carefully under sheds or covers
  • Checking leaks of coolant
  • Changing filters and oil in the engine

It is also important to know how the generator works and what can lead to a disaster if it is not taken care of. It is a powerful machine, and if you fail to maintain it, you must visit the generator service centre advised by the manufacturer where the trained professionals can handle the problems you might be facing with your generator.

The service centres provide 24×7 help and are focused on giving the best services to their clients by hiring skilled professionals and have modern types of equipment and tools to repair. If you visit, the service centre which is suggested by the manufacturer, you have the advantage of getting the original company spare parts and wirings and the best service. Apart from the services provided by the company approved service stations, other service centre options can also be looked at. They also provide a wide range of services to meet the customers need, such as:

  • Installation services
  • Repairing services
  • Free service for one year contract
  • Preventive measures guidance
  • 24×7 help

Remember if you have half knowledge or no knowledge of the mechanism of how a generator functions, you must not try to fix it by yourself because by doing that you might put yourself in a life-threatening situation. It can be dangerous for others, as well.


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