What Key Features You Should Look in a Gaming Laptop in 2020?


With the rapid enhancement in technology on a daily basis, everything has been so easy, convenient, and comfortable in our life. The 21st-century innovation and the invention of computers /PCs have been the major breakthrough in our lives, making it quite simpler for us. We now dwell in a world where most of our work is done through this simple and easy-to-operate machine. Moreover, we can focus our attention on our beloved ones, enjoy more time with our families, or doing some exercise, playing, or any additional work at that time.

Even though life has been so easy with these tech-oriented devices, we still look for the better and further featured devices when we make a purchase about these laptops. We go through a thorough search of the latest features to make the most of our gadgets. These gadgets are not only helpful in making our lives easier but also have a big role in our life in providing us with full entertainment from watching movies to listening to songs and playing games.

And a gaming laptop is not an ordinary laptop. It has some extraordinary features like an extended laptop battery, enhanced GPU, big screen display, and so on to make your gameplay more exciting and amazing in order to give you the incredible gameplay experience.

Key Features of a Gaming Laptop

But what features to look for when buying a gaming laptop in the world of 2020 to be equipped with the latest features in your laptop to enhance your gaming experience?


It includes the size, refresh rate as well as the resolution to provide you with a wonderful presentation when playing the game.  The higher the resolution and refresh rate, the more spectacular the gameplay experience! As far as the screen is concerned, the bigger the screen, the bigger the show!


It entails the clock speed, benchmarks, and core count for an at-a-glance comparison to boost up your gaming session. The higher the number of cycles of CPU, the faster! And for core counts, the more the cores, the more capable a CPU is to multitask. Under GPU, a consistent frame rate is important for effective and efficient performance.

Memory & Storage

It involves the latest and efficient SSDs and HDDs along with the highest capable RAM to support them to run your game without any lag. NVMe SSD drives are worth considering for a high-speed PCIe bus which offers fast random read and writes up speed. Also, it has a higher throughput. The higher the RAM frequency in MHz, the faster it can execute tasks. If the laptop has DIMM slots, then additional RAM can also be installed to boost up the performance of your gameplay.


It incorporates the time taken by a laptop to fully charge as well as the run without the plugin of an AC adapter to recharge it. The more the battery time, the more the uninterrupted gameplay time it serves.

Besides the internal features, a laptop’s external features are also of core importance in today’s era. Let us have a look at these too!


Portability and easy to carry is a feature that is a must-have in today’s laptops. Further, the aluminum casing is more durable. Slimmer and lighter laptops offer more portability in comparison to muscle books, which feature more input and output options and more robust cooling solutions.

Ports & inputs

The more the number of peripherals and external storage and audio ports on a laptop, the more flexible and the more space and extra high speed it can get through them. There are different types of variety of laptops as well as prices in the market such as you can buy a best gaming laptop under 80,000, 1 lakh, and 60,000, etc.

Following our guide, you can buy yourself the best gaming laptop for your gaming needs. I wish you all the luck to find a perfect match for your gaming experience and entertainment session!


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