Fun with Facebook – 5 Tips For Driving Engagement On Your Business Facebook Page


Facebook is one of the most intuitive platforms that businesses can use to promote themselves. Rather than an advertising tool, view it as a channel you can use to connect with your consumers. This means embracing two-way conversation for the sake of building relationships with your target audience. Running a positive and successful Facebook page that boosts your business’ revenue-generation efforts requires a great strategy. Here are five tips for driving engagement in your business Facebook page:

  1. Run Competitions That Invite Opinions And Input

Competitions always attract new people to your page, but once the hype ends and the winner is announced, there’s an enormous drop-off in page likes. You can harness the power of competitions and avoid the drop-off by choosing your competition prizes with great care.

Prizes must appeal to your ideal client, the kind of consumer that would find your posts of value and potentially buy from you. Custom branded promotional products make excellent competition prizes. Forget the vacation, the luxury hamper, or the gift voucher – these prizes are so general you run the risk of attracting people outside of your target audience.

  1. Always Post Videos Directly to Facebook

Adding videos to your social media strategy? It’s a fast and easy way to grab the attention of people who are scrolling through their timelines. The trick to increasing engagements on your Facebook page with video content is so simple, it’s almost too easy. Upload your videos directly to Facebook. Don’t share the link from YouTube or another site. When you upload the video directly (or natively), the video will play automatically when it is scrolled over, increasing your views and engagement drastically.

  1. Create A Strategy Around What You Post

It’s great to add inspirational, industry-relevant content to your Facebook page. It’s also helpful to add interesting insights that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Alongside this, you want to include a few promotional posts that alert Facebook users of your products and services and any special offers you might be running.

Keeping your posts balanced between all of these different types of content? That requires a Facebook strategy. Your strategy should also contain creative post ideas that invite user-generated content, opinions, and feedback.

  1. Add Regular Polls Into Your Strategy

One content type that adds great value to your Facebook page in terms of engagements is polls. Facebook enables you to create a poll by asking a question and having all of the possible answers below. People scrolling through their newsfeeds have the ability to answer the question in your poll by selecting one of the options you have provided. It’s so easy and quick, and people love sharing their opinions, so you’re likely to get a great response.

  1. Go Live Often

Are you comfortable in front of a camera? If so, Facebook Live is going to be incredibly fun, and as a bonus, it will drastically boost your engagement. Going live is so easy and stress-free that you don’t actually have to have that camera-perfect image and persona. The trick to this strategy lies in authenticity and being “real”. Share your opinion, have a rant (but keep it PC), give a great product review, or do an inspirational post.

Enjoy Your Marketing Adventures

Social media is supposed to be fun. Marketing your business should never feel like a chore – it’s your opportunity to be a bit more audacious about the skills you have and the value you bring to the marketplace. Get creative and invite your target audience to share their views and their experiences with you.


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