Full Stack Web Development: Top 10 Features You Must Know in 2020

Full Stack Web Development

In this modern world, the web is everything. Therefore, the internet plays an important role in controlling everything. Now that technology has changed, and everything is web-based, web development is one of the most pursued professions for young generations. A web developer is someone who has a specialization in developing www (World Wide Web). Web development consists of a variety of tasks that needs to be done. Managing the front end, the back end, and sometimes both. Do you know what Front end & Back End are? There are three categories of web development, namely

  1. Front-End Development ( the development relating to the UI parts of a website or an application)
  2. Back-End Development ( the development of the database and infrastructure)
  3. Full Stack Development (who can do both the front and back end, a complete development).

Since you are a web developer you should know both the ends, and that is what a full stack developer means. Below we have elaborated all about full-stack development.

Full-Stack Development- What Is It?

One who can manage both the ends (front & back) is called a full stack web developer. There are three layers in the web development process. That is the Presentation Layer (the front end layer with a user interface, the user interface), the Business Logic Layer (back end component deals with data), and the Database Layer. The process involves the birth of an idea to its execution. Thus in simple words, we can say that Full Stack Web Development refers to the development of the client-side and server-side of web applications.

Full Stack Web Development Project

Full-Stack web development includes all those projects where you are working on both the front end and back end of a site or application at the same time. These full-stack development projects are such, which has all the components -the front and the back. From the inception of a project to the execution, everything related to the project should be handled by the developer. The components include the database, building a user-friendly website, or even working with clients, knowing their concept, and giving it a reality.

Full-stack Developer- Who Is It?

He is a developer who knows the front and back end development. Full-stack web developers are specialized individuals who can manage every necessary detail of the web page. Thus a full stack developer has the usable knowledge and proficiency in working on all elements of building an app.

What are the Top 10 Features of Full Stack Web Development?

Here are some salient features of Full Stack Web Development. The features are as follows:-

Complex and Expensive

Full Stack Web Development is an association of different complicated skills, it is really expensive to afford a full stack web developer who is specialized in different sections of the Web Development Process.

Multiple Applications

The full-stack developer can tackle every little thing on the website, from its development to its modifications. Thus full stack development has multiple applications.

The Vanishing Point of Front End and Back End Development

With the increasing complexity in the field of Web Development, the distinguishing line between both developments is becoming blurred. Most of the web developments are becoming Full-stack Development nowadays.

Increasing Requirement of Full Stack Web developer

Most of the companies, agencies work on different sites, looking for employees who can handle any issue associated with both developments(front & back). Hence the requirements and job opportunities for full-stack web developers are increasing day by day.

The Necessity of Over-all Knowledge About the Code Across the Entire Stack

Full-stack does not necessarily mean that a single developer is writing all of the website code. These developers spend their time on both the front and back end. In short, they have mastered the art of web development.

Proficient Developers

The Full Stack Web Developers must possess various skills relating to the field of Web Development. Some of the vital knowledge and skills that they must have are as follows.

  1. Web designing knowledge using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
  2. Server-side scripting languages like Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.
  3. Knowledge of Visual Design.
  4. Database level knowledge, like SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB.


Combination of Training and Experience

Though experience makes one an expert, there are various courses that one can take to start the journey. With a Full Stack, Web Development Course, or Online Data Science Course, one can gain expertise in multiple technologies. These days you can take up classes and become a full stack developer from a simple developer.

The Ability of Independent Production

Full Stack Web Development involves a variety of skills. These skills are used to build a website from scratch. Thus it can create a complete product independently.

High responsibility attached to the field of Full Stack and Web Development. They generally develop the whole concept and execute every little thing. They are well aware of each section of their own site.

Low Cost and Less Time-consuming Projects

Full Stack Web Development can reduce the cost of the project. In these projects, a developer himself is highly skilled to tackle both Front and Back End issues. Such projects also take the least time for team communication.


Well, those are some unique features of Full Stack Web Development in 2020. The content also provides an overview of what Full Stack Web Development is.  Also, we have tried to summarize the skills and knowledge that one must possess to start his career in the field of Web Development.


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