Fresh Start – 5 Tips For Anyone Starting A Business In The Post-Pandemic World


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? The post-pandemic world is rich with possibilities and opportunities. However, it also comes with many business challenges and considerations that were not present before. It is daunting, to say the least.

If you’re braving this new world to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true, you’ll want to check out the following five tips for starting a business in the post-pandemic world:

1. Avoid committing to a permanent premises

One of the best things you can do in a post-pandemic world is to avoid signing up for anything permanent when it comes to your physical business space. Businesses without the flexibility of ending their warehouse or office contracts have ended up paying for spaces they couldn’t use throughout this COVID-19 debacle.

By utilizing serviced office space, self-storage, hot-desking facilities, and any spare rooms you have at home, you can have the working area you need, without being constrained by contracts. You have the room to grow and shrink, grow again and shrink again, just like budding businesses do.

2. Prioritize your online presence

It is so important for any business to prioritize its online presence when building a brand. Statistics (even pre-pandemic) support this fact strongly:

  • Search traffic in 2019 generated 65% of eCommerce sessions;
  • Being able to buy on their mobile phone is important to 59% of shoppers;
  • The top technical SEO tactic used by marketers is to ensure their sites work well with mobile devices.

Even before the pandemic, the smartest brands all had an online presence that was strong.

3. Flexibility is key

Businesses that have survived this pandemic have been flexible, innovative, and dedicated to working around, under, over, and through the many problems they have faced. For any business looking to not only be born in a post-pandemic world but to grow and thrive, flexibility has to be at the heart of everything that you do.

4. Ensure communication is golden in all areas of business

Poor communication has cost the business world billions of dollars, with corporations estimating that communication barriers cost them over $60 million dollars every single year.

Streamlined communication processes are not just for big businesses. They should be something you prioritize for your business from the moment you launch. This is especially true when it comes to the post-pandemic world, where motivation and morale are down, money is tight, and a need to reach people differently is necessary.

Whether you’re building brand awareness, boosting marketing and sales, or ensuring clients and stakeholders are very much kept in the loop, good communication is so important.

5. Don’t be precious

If you have ever seen Dragon’s Den in the UK or Shark Tank in the US, you know full well that holding onto a business idea that just isn’t working is a bad idea. It leaves you clinging desperately to the past rather than adapting for the future.

Post-pandemic, it is important that you avoid being precious over your business idea. It simply may not work in light of new COVID-Safe parameters. Even if the vaccines are successful in eliminating COVID-19, we are all well aware that another pandemic could strike. This means business owners should expect many of the new behaviors and initiatives the world has adopted to carry on well into the future.

Dropping any ego surrounding your idea and being willing to adapt and evolve is essential if you want to build a business that survives.

In a post-pandemic world, fresh ideas are needed for a brighter global economic future. Use the tips above to ensure your ideas grow into a strong and successful business.


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