Follow These Steps To Find An Amazing Hair System For Men’s


More than 75% of men are suffering from hair loss problems. Hair loss can decline your confidence and quality of life. The primary reason behind hair loss for men is male pattern baldness (MPB). It is majorly seen in adult men. A hair replacement system is the best solution to hair loss. It is a non-surgical and painless hair restoration technique with no health complications.

A hair system is made up of hand-woven human hair on a specific base, called lace. This lace is extremely thin and acts as a second skin. Hair systems are undetectable and natural-looking. But, selecting the appropriate hair system is essential, which can bring a life-changing experience. There are some specific pointers to consider while choosing the hair system for men, like durability, quality, affordability, detectability, and practicality.


5 Tips For Finding An Amazing Hair System


1. Check durability

A hair system can last for six to ten months. The life of every hair system is different based on its base material. The hair system with a finely thin base has a shorter life of approximately three months. Hair systems with thick bases have the durability of six to ten months. Additionally, you have to use mild shampoos and conditioners to maintain the hair system.

2. Examine detectability

A hair system should be undetectable and should offer a natural look to your head. If you opt for traditional wigs, they do not provide a natural look and are detectable. You must look for a hair system made up of full lace, as it is made up of extremely delicate fabric. Hair systems are fixed securely at the base, and nobody can detect it. If you desire to have an extremely natural look, you can select the hair system with a skin base and front lace.

3. Focus on practicality

It is essential to choose the hair system that best fits you. People who sweat a lot must select a hair system with a base having a full breathable lace. People involved in intense activities must choose a hair system with a polyurethane base.

4. Pay for quality

The quality of a hair system matters. For a superior quality hair system, its base should be made up of high-grade fabric. Also, select the hair system with shiny and soft human hair woven on it. Hair systems’ quality varies depending on suppliers but if you’re buying from Newtimeshair, you’ll definitely get the best quality product.

5. Ensure affordability

Your hair system should be affordable, as it requires a lot of maintenance. It is advisable to buy a hair system from a supplier that enables you to pay in instalments. Alternatively, you can select the hair system with a thick base, lasting for eight to 12 months. If there is no issue regarding the hair system’s cost, you can choose the thin lace hair system and replace it with a new one every three months.


Consider all the above factors while selecting the hair system for men. Another significant thing to remember is you must clean your scalp weekly by removing the hair system with any adhesive remover.


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