How to Fix Black or Frozen iPhone screen?

frozen iphone screen

Black screen issues have been there since the day mobile phones were invented. This happens with iPhones and Androids. It can be due to various reasons and after the screen goes black it may stay stuck. One does not need to worry about the phone as this issue can be resolved if there are not any severe software issues. Explained below are some possible causes of this issue. Let us have a look at how we can help if your iPhone gets stuck on a black screen.

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen?

There are different potential causes along with the solutions to solve the issue of a black screen. Most of the time it happens due to some software issues that are really minor and can be resolved easily. Keeping this in mind one should be confident and do not panic about the phone as it can be resolved.

  • Here is a list of things that you can do to get rid of the black screen and get your phone back to normal:
  • You can plug the iPhone into a wall charger, and then reboot the iPhone
  • You can also update the available apps on your iPhone.
  • After backing up your phone you can also update iOS on your iPhone
  • If all of it fails you can take your iPhone to an authorized Apple repair center and consult the repairer.

No Battery, or Battery Failure?

Sometimes people mistake black screens with a software issue when they run out of battery. it is said that you should thoroughly check your phone before drawing any conclusions about it. You can power the iPhone on or plug the iPhone into the charger to let it charge and can turn it on to see if it works. This is not something complicated, but it is mentioned here because sometimes people panic and do not try to find the solution.

If you are sure that your phone had a battery and the screen went black, then there might be a battery failure. In this case, you can take your phone to an iPhone repair store or an authorized Apple repair center and let them check if it needs any replacement.

Fixing an iPhone Black Screen being Powered ON

Sometimes it happens that Your iPhone might be working fine but the screen turns black. when this happens to the iPhone, we’ll still be getting all those texts, calls and notifications, etc. You will also feel warm when you touch the phone. This issue has been observed in iPhone X particularly, but other iPhone models can also face this.

iPhone Screen Black with a Particular App

There are certain apps that have some issues and can cause the iPhone screen to go black and stuck. Sometimes the app might be loading something or downloading from the Internet that can cause the black screen. YouTube or Netflix can cause this if you have a slow Internet connection but if another app causes this then there might be a problem with the app itself.

You should follow these steps if an app causes a problem:

  • You can simply exit the app and return to the Home screen
  • Check for updates, open the “App Store” and go to the “Updates” tab and install any available updates to that app.
  • You can restart your iPhone
  • If a simple app is causing this issue, then after updating it the issue might get resolved. If not, you can contact the Apple repair center.

iPhone screen black with an Apple logo:

If the iPhone screen turns black but has a white Apple logo then it is an indication that your device is rebooting. Normally rebooting is done but if this happens out of nowhere then you should get that the iPhone is crashing or an app crashed which caused this.

Here are the main reasons that can cause an iPhone screen to block. In order to avoid all these issues, one should always check for updates and keep the cell phone thoroughly checked to not encounter any serious problems. With complete care, these issues can be avoided but if the issue is irreversible then you should go to the Apple repair center as soon as possible.


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