Five Web Series To Watch At Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower


When it’s your best friend’s baby shower and you just can’t miss out on a single chance to make her feel special on her special day, you’ll need the perfect way to end the day – a good web series to watch. Still, confused about which show to choose for the night party? No worries, if your best friend dreams of being the coolest and most chilled out mother, you can’t miss out on these amazing shows! They are amazing, they are loud, they are everything that you need for your night. So, here are some amazing motherhood and wedding dramas that can make the baby shower more fun. No doubt that drama + realities = crazy fun times.

The shows which we have chosen for you are anything but not disheartening, they are super loud and sometimes a bit emotional. However, they can be a perfect party drama with a small twist of reality shows on Netflix. 

So let’s start with our list of shows for you. Here we go 1..2…3…boom!

The Best 5 Shows You Should Watch At Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower

These 5 web series are packed full of fun and loaded with laughter. Netflix brought some astonishing yet touching series. Let’s check out which one.

  1. Yummy Mummies               

  A must watch show for all pregnant women out there. This documentary is all about the 4 hottest moms to be.  Who experience their pregnancy struggles and the chaotic newborn babies. As per The Next Hint’s report, the web series has premiered with 2 seasons, and yummy mummies season 3 is on the way.  However, there is no official announcement.

  1. Keeping Up With The Kardashian 

Talking about family drama and motherhood, Keeping Up With The Kardashian can’t be left behind. It is one of the best and most favourite drama shows to ever exist. The series consists of 20 seasons. The shows toll all over with the Kardashian families and their loud drama and high profile living which go all over the series. The Kardashian clan gives sizzling goals and insight into their “not so public lifestyle” and exposes many secrets regarding family and relationships.

 Isn’t that too much, won’t disclose it more. But wait! Don’t blame us, if you already fall in love with the hotness of Dapper Don Disick. 

  1. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta 

Another dapper show on the list is this. This show is an American reality show which consists of 13 seasons and 285 episodes, the show goes on and on with the experience of the housewives who deal with huge ups and downs, love lives and their families experiences. 

  1. Say I Do 

Another fab series to watch. The series gives a sensational feel and chills to its audience by breaking the stereotypes about weddings. The show portrayed every emotion to its audience in a beautiful way. 

  • Jane The Virgin

Woo Hah! Who doesn’t know about this series! The trendiest and fab one, this series received some amazing responses from its audience. They received 100% in rotten tomatoes. Life turns out drastically when the young catholic women Jane get artificially inseminated by accident. Find out what happened next.


Phew! That was too much for a day, wasn’t it? We know the list made you super excited just as we got excited while letting you know our favourite tv shows. Comment down below to let us know your favourite shows you have watched. 


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