Five perfect custom soap boxes styles


Soap is the most using product that is using to cleaning our body. This cleaning agent protects your body from germs and unhygienic factors. Especially in the recent scenario, the use of soap is extensively increasing due to the running outbreak of coronavirus. The frequent washing hand with quality soap is the best precautions to protect yourself from this dangerous COVID-19. It makes from alkaline, natural ingredients, fats, oils, and rendered pork that help to stay in sturdy forms. Such soap bars are packaged in the box that protects from damaging effect and make them chic for the target audience. 

Why is stylish look important?

The stylish look is required to add the quality in your products and make them indulge in the rest of others. So, the quirky and stylish look of soap boxes makes them appealing for standing in the industry. So here is the list of some vibrant styles of custom soap boxes for you that are best for packaging. 

    • Printed sleeve boxes
    • Bookend soap boxes for luxuries look
    • Pillow shaped-boxes
    • Custom hexagonal boxes


  • Seal end soap boxes


Now its time to dive in the detail of listed above points that make your brand genteel in the rest of others. 

Printed sleeve boxes:

Sleeve boxes or drawer boxes is the most sophisticated and unique style to pack the soaps in quality boxes. Packaging brands offer a variety of printing options to make them lofty and august for the audiences. The use of printed sleeve boxes for soap packaging compel the customers for buying the products. Append to this custom printed soap boxes having the paramount place to market your products among masses for uplifting the brand growth. Sleeve boxes having two parts one is the sleeves and the second one is used as a drawer to keep the products inside the box. You can also use some additional material like inserts to make them secure for the best unboxing experience from customers side. 

Bookend soap boxes for luxuries look:

Such boxes can make from any sort of material, but it endows the gracious look in a rigid material. It has two enclosure one to keep the products and second for display the products. The use of tuck-in closure on the top assist in placing the soap in the box, and magnetic lid of bookend boxes endow the instant display for the customers as per their desires. These soap boxes are the best for bestowing the soap as a gift. The use of foiling and debossing effect on the bookend gift soap boxes make them perfect for bestowing to their dearest relations. 

Pillow shaped-boxes:

Pillow boxes are the alluring and debonair shape for soap packaging. This shape is perfect for packaging the custom shape of soaps that are fabricated in the shape of pillow boxes. Such boxes for soaps is also tectonic and enchanting for the customers.  The biggest example is Imperial Leather who make the soap in pillow-shaped that embedded the foil sticker of brand name and logo on the bar. Also, it packs in the custom pillow shapes casing. 

Custom hexagonal boxes:

Hexagon is the geometrically shaped box that use to pack soap with personalized messages. This six corner soap box is beautiful and vying for engrossing the attention of the customers towards the brand. Also, you can make hexagon soap boxes from any type of material like Kraft, cardboard and bux etc. Nevertheless, when you open the hexagon box, it has one more lid inside that print with personalized messages and text according to the brand wish.

Seal end soap boxes: 

Seal end is the best type of bottom closure boxes. And, it best to pack the soap due to having the durable and packaging by using permanent glueing process. DOVE use these soap cartons for packing the bars. Such boxes are quite effective for packing soaps and give an impeccable look with printing options. For instance; the use of debossing and embossing for logo and brand name make them special for the audience.  

Final thoughts:

So, the above-listed discussion is quite to portray the look of the top five styles for the custom. Such styles and boxes accommodate the brand to make their place in the market. All and one style are best for making them out of the ordinary packaging styles for packing the soaps seductively. 



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