Five camping-destinations you must travel to in 2021!



 As your Instagram-feed overflows with pictures of people flaunting their stay camping, you must not deny yourselves living a memorable camping experience too. While you spend a night gazing at the stars and enjoying meals by the bonfire, you imprint a memory for a lifetime. With an increasing trend of ‘tent-culture,’ a huge influx of camp-sites has been observed in India in the last few years. Unlike before, camping has turned out to be an easily available and pocket-friendly activity today. 

While you scroll the length of the country, you may find numerous places to camp. Right from ‘tenting’ in the northern-mountains to beachside camps in Goa; from luxurious camps in Rajasthan to thrilling camping experiences in central India, the experiences may be different. What compels us to write this stuff is to tell you the ‘right’ camping destinations you must try in 2021! When we say ‘right,’ it means easily available, approachable, couple-friendly and budget-friendly camps. Here, we have filtered out the top five camping destinations in India that we recommend you to mark on your bucket list!

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

Not just the Indians, Rishikesh has emerged as one of the most preferred camping destinations in India among foreigners too. What makes camping here special is that almost all the camps are situated by the riverside. As you kick-off to your bed, you can hear the sound of the river flowing by. When it comes to budget, camping in Rishikesh can cost you as less as Rs. 800/night to Rs. 3k/night. In most cases, the prices are all-inclusive of breakfast, dinner and snacks. Additionally, the prices may also depend on the time of the week you are planning to camp. On weekdays, the prices generally remain higher than at the weekends seeing the heavy demand. 

While you are in Rishikesh, you must plan to go for a rafting course or go bungee jumping. You may also choose to simply sit by the river Ganges and perform some yoga and meditation sessions. The cool air breeze coming straight from the river will let your body and the soul rejuvenate to the fullest!

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh:

If you are a person who loves exploring the forests and enjoying the waterfalls, then Pachmarhi is the right destination for you. The hill station is located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh and lies at the foothills of Satpura mountain ranges. The best time to camp in Pachmarhi is between mid-October to mid-march. The temperatures are comparatively cool during these seasons and you are surrounded by a wide green-cover of the forests. As you take a walk around Pachmarhi, you discover numerous milky-white waterfalls crossing your way. The hill-station has started gaining the attention of tourists only in the last few years and does not offer rigorous camping facilities. You must plan to book your camps beforehand to ensure a hassle-free journey. 

Manali, Himachal Pradesh:

Manali offers you a complete package of paragliding, rafting, hiking and camping experiences. The beautiful hill station is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and welcomes tourists round the year. You can easily find camps in Manali and it’s always recommended to book your camps through a travel-company for an organized trip. The tents are clean and tidy with attached washrooms and offer sublime views of the Beas River Valley. As you roam around the town, you must try eating the locally prepared Babru. A very famous evening snack among the tourists, Babru is a crispy local delicacy that is generally consumed with ginger-tea. 

 Chopta, Uttarakhand:

Considered as one of the fastest emerging camping destinations in India, Chopta wins your heart with its astonishing views of the Himalayan ranges. Chopta is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand and is a gateway to the world’s highest Shiva Temple, Tungnath. The hill-station is also located close to Kedarnath and Badrinath and is a connecting link between these two famous holy-shrines in Uttarakhand. While you are in Chopta, you may find a variety of camps ranging from dome-tents to Swiss-camps to enjoy your stay. The prices of the camp vary from as less as 1200/person/night to 3,000/person/night. The best part is that almost all the resorts in Chopta near Tungnath temple offer camping services round the year. The experience is equally enjoyable both during summers and winters. You may plan to go for a trek to Chandrashila which is situated 4 kilometres away from Chopta. During winters, the valley remains covered with snow and you can enjoy living inside your tent while it snows outside! You must never forget to pre-book your camps if you are planning to visit Chopta. Due to a limited number of facilities, finding the right camp might be difficult for you during peak seasons!

 Tso-Moriri Lake, Leh:

If you are looking to blend adventure and camping, you must visit Tso-Moriri. Situated in the Changthang plateau in the Leh district of Ladakh, Tso-Moriri is a mountain lake that sits at an elevation of around 4,500 metres above sea level. As you reach here, you may choose to stay at one of the campsites close to the lake. You may also plan to pitch your own tent and spending a night here. Even during the boiling summers, the nights are very cold here and make sure you carry enough body-thermals before you plan your trip. What’s more interesting is that you may plan to go here on a motorcycle or a jeep. The lake is situated around 220 kilometres away from Leh and can be easily reached in 5-6 hours. You must get yourselves a permit from the authorities at Leh before you plan to go to Tso-Moriri. The permits can be easily obtained within an hour or two and are given to ensure the better safety of the tourists! 


As you kick-start your journey, you earn not just the memories but learn the varied culture present in India. Every place gives you a different vibe and teaches you something. What remains constant are the tents and the night-moon that squeeze out every single drop of anxiety present inside you! 


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