Just as different cigarettes will have different compositions and give different results, so too, will vaporisers. Your selection of a weed vaporiser depends on your desired experience. With a wide range of options available, knowing what to expect from your next pen can simplify the selection process.

The Firefly 2+ is a pen for those with discerning taste. The Firefly 2+ (PLUS) review will explore its features and operational considerations so that you can decide whether it is the right one for you.


The main features of the Firefly 2+ include:

  • Enhanced dual functionality.
  • Better design with more innovation.
  • Faster charging times.
  • Addition of a device that provides true convection.
  • See-through vapour path made of glass.
  • Heats up instantly.
  • Better quality of vapour.

Operation; How does it work?

The Firefly 2+ makes use of an innovative design that allows it to be operated without the use of buttons. This makes its use merely a matter of picking up whenever desired and putting down once done. To activate the weed pen, the motion of holding it in your hand will cause it to begin to heat up. It is also designed to sense when it is not in use, at which point an automatic shutoff element will lead to powering down.

While relatively easy to use, the Firefly 2+ still requires some adjustment. Those that are already conversant with the use of vaporisers find that making the necessary changes comes with a little trial and error in the early use of their products.

Exploring Other Features

The Firefly 2+ is lightweight; making it easily portable with a comfortable hand feel.  Compared to its predecessor, the Firefly 2, this iteration of the vaporiser is more compact and fits inside pockets better.

When in use, the Firefly 2 Plus provides two options for setting temperatures. One can either make use of the device’s temperature adjuster or, conversely, download the app onto their Smartphone and use this to make desired temperature changes. While the app is not a mandatory operational tool, it does lend the ability to have more precise control over the temperature so that you can make smaller adjustments. Having these two options gives the Firefly 2+ a competitive edge that most other brands lack.

While this device doesn’t have a large capacity, so that you can only smoke small quantities at a time, it does make up for the lack in the quality of vapour produced. Quantities of herb placed in the chamber will be heated immediately, and the herb can be enjoyed without undue loss of flavour due to overheating.

The Firefly 2+ only comes with one battery, a change from the two that were provided with its predecessor. The battery, when fully charged, has given up to one hour of smoke time. This can be split into multiple sessions as one sees fit. In total, the Firefly 2+ can be used for up to 6 sessions before a recharge is required.

In conclusion, while the Firefly 2+ has its drawbacks, such as the almost ungainly and difficult device temperature controls and the lack of a temperature display, they do not detract from its overall performance so much that it makes it a lesser product. The Firefly 2+ stands up to its competition quite definitively in every other regard.


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