Find a Good Rehab near You for Cocaine Withdrawal Treatment



People who use cocaine can feel high because it heightens the “feel-good” chemicals in their brains. But, the use of cocaine for a very long time can cause one to experience withdrawal. This happens when an addict suddenly stops using the drug or the brain develops a tolerance to cocaine’s euphoric effects. Cocaine withdrawal needs to be monitored so that the addict can recover fast. 

And this is why finding a rehab like Daylight Detox may be just what you need. Cocaine withdrawal might not be as intense as compared to withdrawal from other drugs, but there are challenges no doubt. Cocaine withdrawal mainly triggers psychological symptoms and the most common cocaine withdrawal symptoms are lack of focus, exhaustion, restlessness, and fatigue after any activity, etc. Other symptoms are depression, tremors, muscle aches, unpleasant dreams, increased food cravings, and drug cravings.

Why is finding good Florida drug rehabs important?

Cocaine detox can be carried out even through an outpatient program but medical detox is better. This is because even after treatment at a drug rehab near you, someone can still relapse. Whenever this happens, round-the-clock supervision by trained professionals becomes critical. Moreover, for people addicted to the drug and also suffering from coexisting mental health issues, inpatient treatment is best.

One of the biggest issues faced during cocaine withdrawal is suicidal thoughts. It has been seen that addicts who have tried to stop using this drug have suffered from acute mood swings and deep depression. The problem is their brain gets used to the heightened dopamine levels because of cocaine use. When this circuit gets disrupted abruptly, the brain becomes less sensitive to dopamine. At this stage, the person craves for more cocaine to start feeling “good” again. And when he cannot get it, he becomes depressed. 

Unlike opioid withdrawal, there are no FDA-approved medications for treating cocaine withdrawal. But there are some medicines that can ease the symptoms and help the addict overcome his cocaine addiction. Research on animals has proved that naltrexone and buprenorphine can help people going through withdrawal. Some suggest that propranolol can have beneficial effects. It is a beta-blocker that has found success in treating hypertension and anxiety. Besides these, medicines for treating anxiety and depression may be used to treat cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Apart from medications, behavioral treatments are recommended for withdrawal treatment. These have been used in both outpatient and inpatient programs. One type of behavioral therapy is CM or contingency management. This refers to motivational incentives where vouchers or prizes are given away to patients for abstaining from cocaine use. Based on drug-free urine samples, patients are rewarded with chips. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy also works effectively to prevent relapse. This approach allows patients to develop coping skills that can help them stay away from cocaine for the long term. They are trained to identify triggers and situations which can tempt them to use cocaine. Such therapies are used together with other medications and treatments. So, visit for cocaine detox and get help before it is too late.



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