Favor Box Ideas For The Bridal Shower & Weddings

favor boxes

In this modern world, you’ve to be perfect in everything. Be it your clothes or shoes, wedding or the bridal shower, everything has to be intricate and well-thought. So, as we have mentioned the bridal showers and weddings, there is an amazingly important part of them, known as favor boxes. So, if you’ve been on the bandwagon of choosing the favor boxes, we have some design ideas in this article. 

Lettered Favor Box

This is the perfect way to thank people who have attended your office because these lettered favor boxes have the affectionate notes there. You will be able to add the ribbon and poke it out the loops. Once tied up well, you an easily adhere the ribbon ends with tape on the box. 

favor boxes

Punched Favor Box

If you’ve been wanting to show some love to your guests, you can add the little golden heart punch in the favor box. Once you cut the heart punch, you can some edgy factors to the favor boxes with a golden tissue paper and the tinkle beads with the ribbon. 

Taped Favor Box

This favor box will work in your favor like a charm because it is not only easy to make, but it will satisfy your crafty side as well. Also, don’t forget to add the direction charts on the box. If you are using the brown box, you can always pair it up with the copper foil tape. 

Photocopied Favor Box

Weddings are all about love and cherishing the close bonds and your favor box needs to reflect that. So, you can search up DIY favor box patterns on the internet and print them down. Once printed, you can cut and fold as per the directions and once you complete the box, you can add the ribbons and tags as you like!

Glassine Favor Box

There is always something sweet about weddings, and while planning the favor boxes, you can add some sweets in the panetteria box which is styled in glassine. You can also play with the sticker paper and customized labels. 

Sticker Favor Box

scalloped favor boxes f3f

If you need to add the chunk of creativity to your favor boxes, you can easily get some graphic stickers and adhered them on the box’s front. You might think that the box is too simple and doesn’t reflect the wedding bling. So, for that, you can add the red ribbon because it signals love (after all, weddings are about love, right?),

Tied Favor Box

In case you’ve been looking for the soft outlook, these favor boxes will work like a charm because they are designed with lightweight linen. In addition, you can use the double-sided tape to ensure there is no malfunctioning in the construction of the favor box. Also, you can work your way around the knots because they look cute. 

Folded Favor Box

If you’ve been looking for way to add the perks of art into your favor boxes, you can start by cutting the V shapes at the top of the corners. Now, glue up these shapes and you will be able to create the perfect knot for the flavor box. The best thing about this favor box is that you can add some extra tissue paper on the lining and it will pose a designer outlook.


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