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How do I determinewhat to do to determine ifPet Boardingas well asPet Day Careisrightfor me?

  • I’min search of acage-freehome for my pet.

  • I’mlooking foran affordable, customized, and affordable carefor mypet

  • My pet isvery friendlyand lovesto socialisewith other pets.

  • I’mlooking for a safe, loving alternative to apet hotel

  • I have a senior pet thathas specialrequirements

  • I’ve a busy work scheduleandI’d like someone elsetocare formydogwhile I’m at work

If you need togo out or workat a long time, don’t be concernedover leaving the petat home. Have you everwondered”Is there a dog boarding chiang mai that can help?”.Luckily, withPetBacker you are able tofind local and trusteddog boardingservices fromChiang Mai.

We atPetBacker We’reall dog lovers ourselves, so we understandthe stress it causestothink aboutthe best place for your dog to staywhen you’reoutin the middle of town.Dog boarding kennels mightnotbe the most suitablechoice as they maybefar away, crowded and ineffective for managingyour dog’s needs individually.

Thank goodness,PetBackermakes the process of finding apetsitter withinChiang Mai easy and stress free.All of our pet sittershave to go through a rigorous verificationprocedure. When they offerdog boarding, theyneed to provide picturesof theirhomesto allow you tobe able to see where your dog is going tobein their home.Each sitter is verified individuallybyour trust andsafetyteamand they also havecomments from others who have pets ontheirprofile.In addition you can be confidentthatthey’ll loveyourdog as muchthan you do during theirdog boarding stay.

Thebenefit of hiringthe services of aPetBackersitter is thatyourdogwill be in a spaceas similar to that you provideat home , and will receiveplenty of love and affection.In addition we have a friendly staff.Chiang Mai dog boarding sitters areextremely flexible andreadily follow any routines,specific requirements or instructionsyour dog may need. This isvitalfor dogsas they canfeel a bit unsurewhen they are away from theirhomeat first, so having aroutine anda familiar environment(likeanother housethat is locatedChiang Mai) will make theexperience of dog boardingpositivefor them.

If yourpet is a couch-boundandwould prefer to beinside all dayChiang Mai PetBackersitter willgladly indulge them in lotsof belly rubsduring yourpet boarding.Or ifyourdoghas more energyandpreferstowalk around on a daily basisandplay with balls,your pet sitter willaccommodate that too!Imagine dog boarding withaPetBackerpet sitter as an opportunityfor yourdog’s to enjoytheir own getaway.

PetBacker sitters have a reasonableprice that includes regular updates, unlimited cuddles and playtime.You don’t havetofret about costorthe cost of thoseservices. Thisallows us to provide our pet boarding servicesancost-effective alternative to traditional dogboarders who canbe chargedextra for everyrequest.

You can alsoenjoy your vacation withoutstress as all dog-boardingbookings onPetBacker areprotectedwith our premium insurance policy and24 hour customer support. Thisgives both you and thepet sitter security throughoutthe entirebooking process.

Our PetBackercaretakers come froma diverse range ofexperiences and are often professionalsin the pet industrythemselves.There are pet sitters whoinclude vets and nurses to dog trainers, as well asrescue volunteers. Withthis varietyofexpertise it is likely that you willmeet a sitter that willfulfill your dog’s needs.

Are you someone with aloveforanimals and a spaceto share yourself?Why not consider beingpet-sitters withPetBackerlocated inChiang Mai and offering dogboarding options yourself? Weprovide 24/7 customer service, insurance, andthe benefits offlexibility. Youget to choosethe time and amount of dogtime you wishtodo. Theapplication process is straightforwardandwe’realwaysseeking new sitters inChiang Mai to be a part of the PetBacker team.

Pet ownersbookDog Boarding in Chiang MaithroughPetBacker.More than 12 pet owners fromChiang Mai have left a review,withan averagerating of4.9/5.You can pay securely usingPayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whypet owners book viaPetBackerinstead ofPet Hotels or freelance pet sitters?
    PetBackerlocated inChiang Mai provides a cagethat is free foryour pet, staffed by pet loversalong with payment protection,insurance and customer supportto ensurethat yourpet istaken care of and safe. We alsoensure their credibilitybyhaving them submittheirID before beingacknowledged.Other pet features include the abilitytoreceive video or photoupdates and monitoring your dog’s walktoensure your dog’sbeing taken out for walks. If youkeep bookingwiththe Pet SitterthroughPetBackeryou’ll be able to getdiscounts onany future bookingsas well as helpthe Pet Sittergain more repeatclient stats. What is PetBacker?
    PetBacker is atop multinationalpetservice withan international presence that spans 50 countriesfor petloversto share theirlove forpetsand to hire trustedPetSitters withmillions of nights spent.Stays with pets throughPetBacker areprotectedthrough insurance and havethe best support teamon your side.

  • Who are themost recommendedPet Sitters in Chiang Mai?
    The recommendedpet sitterson PetBacker arebeing reviewedin the pet-sitter community.Click here to seereviews and pricesfor thePet Sitters in Chiang Maiwhich include yngythth, maggie, Harley&.Book viaPetBackerto guarantee security andfree insurance against pet injuries.

  • Whatexactly is the Dog WalkingMonitoring feature?
    This featurelets youobserve your dog’s journeyfor walks in real timeby way of a map. You can also seehowoftenyour dog haspoopedor peed to make sure it isenjoying its time outdoors.

Why is paying throughPetBackerbetter thandirectly toPet Sitter?
When you pay usingPetBacker yourpayment is secureandonlyreleasedtoPet Sitters when the jobis successfully completed.Also, a refund couldbeprovided if the jobwasn’t completed in a satisfactory wayat the expense of thePet Sitter.


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