FAQs and Answers on Wearing Bodysuits Properly



Bodysuits have been trending in women’s lingeries in recent years. A crossover between sexy lingerie and a pretty top, bodysuits come in different designs and cuts. Cotton bodysuits provide the best comfort, and lace feels romantic. You can choose fluid or shaping, long or short sleeves; the possibilities are endless.

The bodysuit is lingerie that integrates both a bra and a bottom. You can use it as underwear or as a top to match with other clothing in many ways.

How to Wear It

A very seductive piece, a bodysuit is a glamourous undergarment that can enhance your curves and provide comfort all day. To wear it, open the snaps, and you can slide it on from top to bottom. Then, like a bra, you can close the hooks on the back while wearing the bodysuit or rotate it, hook them, then turn it back. Once it is in place, you can then close the bottom snaps.

For better chest support, make sure that the straps are not too tight nor too loose. To remove it quickly, undo the bottom snaps and pull it up. Bodysuits can provide a beautiful top that suits any women’s shape.

Can I Wear Panties Under It?

You can wear a bodysuit with or without panties, and you can do whatever is comfortable for you. However, bodysuits already have a panty that you can close at the crotch with snaps. Some women prefer not to wear any panties under it for aesthetics. Others wear it over panties, thong, or a G-string for comfort. However, you should select a discreet bottom that matches the cut of the bodysuit.

For instance, don’t wear boxers or shorties that can cover the buttocks. In addition, choose Brazilian briefs over high-waisted panties to avoid additional thickness on your hips.

How to Wear it With Tights?

A flexible ready-to-wear piece, wearing a bodysuit as an undergarment is an excellent alternative to a standard lingerie set. Under a little dress or skirt, tights can be a good addition. For all-day comfort, you can wear the tights first, given that you are wearing bodysuits over panties.

What Goes Best With a Black Bodysuit?

Classic and versatile, a black bodysuit is the best top that could give you different looks based on your style. Black bodysuits would go well with thin straps and slim jeans and are best paired with a round neckline. Top it up with a fitted jacket, and you will get that “working girl” look. You can match it with sneakers and overalls for urban inspiration. On the other hand, you can wear a short suede skirt over a flattering bodysuit and opaque tights for an elegant look.

How to Match Bodysuits With High Waist Pants?

This combo is the fashionistas’ favourite. High-waist jeans and bodysuit could give you a sexy retro look. If you want an unconventional style, you can pair a high-waist jean with a plain white bodysuit, topped with a floral kimono. If you want to flaunt a rocker look, try pairing a dark bodysuit with high-waist black pants.

These are just some of the ways you can wear a bodysuit properly. Take a look at your cabinet and see what you can match with your bodysuit. All you need is a little creativity, and you’ll never run out of combinations!


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