Facts about Vaping that You Should Know


If you want to kick off your smoking habit, then you’re not alone as many people want to do so. Around 9 out of 10 people want to put a halt on smoking habits. The best thing you can do to maintain your health is quitting smoking as it is hazardous for human body organs, especially the heart. It has been observed that around 1/3rd deaths across the globe happen due to smoking and secondhand too. While take a promise to stop smoking, you might think of taking an alternative that is electronic cigarettes such as Breazy vapes by considering it as a way to ease the conventional cigarettes by switching from traditional to e-Cigarettes. But do you know whether vaping is harmless or less harmful than cigarettes? Be it not become an addiction in the future? 

Here, we have some of the facts related to vaping and e-Cigarettes that you ought to aware of. Let us have a look at these below. 

Vapers are not a smoking cessation tool

Even though they have been marketed as an alternative or tool to help in quit smoking but it did not receive any approval from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a smoking cessation device. It has been shown in studies that people who opt for e-cigarettes to kick off the nicotine habit lead to consuming both traditional as well as vapers. So, it is not at all approved to use vapers as a cessation tool to put a halt on smoking. Even it has many risks attached that may result in death as well.  

Vaping is not good enough for the heart and lungs

The primary component of all types of cigarettes is Nicotine and it is high at addiction. It causes you to crave and if you want to stop, then it is hard to ignore this carving. The substance is highly toxic and it increases blood pressure, heart rate, and more chances to get a heart attack. Is it bad? While some things are still unaware of vaping involving which substance, it includes making up the vapor and how it will affect your health.

Vapes are less harmful, but not safe though

E-cigarettes comprise of heated nicotine that is extracted from tobacco, flavorings as well as other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale while using it. Around 7000 chemicals are included in regular cigarettes most of them are toxic. It has noticed that a few chemicals are exposed with vapers as compared to traditional cigarettes but still, there are more likely to cause lung injuries that may lead to death. 

Vapers are addictive

Both regular and Breazy vapers are addictive that contain nicotine and it has shown in research that it is highly addictive as heroin as well as cocaine. Even many people get more nicotine from vapers by buying extra cartridges that comprise of high concentration of nicotine and you can spike the voltage of vapers to get a strong hit of the substances. 


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