Facts about UAE’s Labour Law that Every Employee Must Know


The UAE’s laws are quite clear in case of every event let it be business owners, employers or employees. The laws in the UAE provide protection to its citizens to all extents such as the activation of force majeure in case of unforeseen circumstances. The labourers are well protected under the UAE labour law and it is important that every employee should be aware about their basic rights.

Let’s have a look at some of the most basic legal rights that every employee gets under the coverage of UAE’s laws:

Right to Avail Annual Leave:

As per the UAE’s labour law, all employees are entitled to avail paid annual leaves in case of the following occasions:

  • On the Occasion of the New Year.
  • Islamic New Year.
  • Eid ul Fitr.
  • Eid ul Adha and Arafat Day.
  • National Day.
  • Commemoration Day.

Other than this, employees are also allowed to take paid annual leaves. Employees having a service period of 6-months to one-year can take 2-leave/month. Employees whose service tenure is 1-year+ can take 30 days of paid annual leaves every year.

UAE Labour Law

Timely & Regular Payment of Salary:

The employer has to give regular and in time salary to the employee in the national currency i.e. AED. Moreover, no employer can force their employees to buy food and other items from a specific store neither can they force you to purchase anything.

Allowance of Maternity Leaves:

According to Federal Law No.8 & Article 30, a female worker is entitled to take maternity leaves with full pay for 45 days. The female employee will be given full pay if she has a service period of one year or more. However, if her service period is less than one year, she will be given maternity leaves with half pay.  

No Employee can Detain Your Passport:

As per the UAE labour law, no employer has the right to hold the passport of their employees without their written consent. Likewise, no employer can terminate an employee for not handing over their passports.

No Employee Should Bear the Cost of Residency Visa:

The UAE labour law clearly mentions that the employer has to bear the visa and sponsorship expenses of their employees. Employees should know this that according to the labour law any company asking their employees for visa fees is punishable by the law. Therefore, no employee should let their employer deduct any part of their salaries in lieu of visa or sponsorship expenses.      

Daily Work Limit of 8 or 9 hours:

The maximum daily working hours of an employee can not exceed 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week. However, in the case of industries such as trade, hotels, cafes, security and others who have taken permission from the Minister of Labour can have 9 working hours/day. Moreover, during the holy month of Ramadan, the normal working hours shall further be reduced by two hours. Employees can not include the time for commutation to and from work in the daily working hours.     

You can Resign Whenever You Want:

An employee doesn’t need the consent of their employers in case of resignation. According to the UAE Labour law, no employee needs the consent of their employers if they want to leave the job. This is an employee’s personal decision to make. Similarly, no one including your employer can force you to resign either.   

Employee Must Complete Notice Period:

However, if an employee resigns from their job then they have to serve their notice period. The serving notice period is mandatory as per the UAE’s labour laws. When an employee resigns, they have to serve a notice period or pay a compensatory amount. The notice period is no less than 30 days unless or until agreed otherwise between the employee and the employer. In case an employee doesn’t serve their notice period then they can even get a ban from working in the UAE for as long as one year.

Entitlement of Gratuity after Resigning:

After resigning, employees are entitled to receive gratuity pay. The gratuity pay of an employee is based on the most recent salary paid to you without any bounces and allowances.

These are some of the benefits that all employees get to exercise under the UAE Labour Law.


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