Facts About Form 2290 Due Dates


Form 2290 is filed with the IRS for tax returns. If your heavy weight vehicle has gross weight over 55000 pounds or more, then you will have to file form 2290. Also, you will have to file form 2290, if your heavy weight vehicle has been used for 5000 miles or more. If the vehicle is not used for 5000 miles, then your vehicle can be suspended from filing HVUT tax 2290.

Before the due date, the 2290 form must be filed. The validity for the form 2290 is of a year. The 2290 online filing must be done with an IRS authorized agency. When you file and pay for HVUT tax 2290, then you are providing your contribution to the maintenance and upkeep of highways in the country.

Due dates

As the validity for the form 2290 is for a year, so you must ensure that the form is submitted before your due date. If the filing of IRS HVUT is done on the 1st of July then you can use the vehicle till 30th June of the next year without any fine. If you have just recently started using your vehicle or it is new, then the due date will fall on the last date of the following month. Like, you started using your vehicle on 27th September, then 30th October will be the due date to pay 2290 online It is very important to fill the form 2290 with an authorized agency.

How to file form 2290?

There are 2 ways by which you can file with the IRS form 2290. Following are the methods are given below:-

  1. Online filing– the easiest and the fastest way by which you can file is 2290 online filing Choose the IRS authorizes agency and you can file form 2290 from anywhere around the world. Just within minutes, you will get your irs schedule 1 copywhen you will file for IRS HVUT tax 2290. You can file it online and provide all the important information required for the form 2290. Then you will get the schedule copy 1. You need to be careful while choosing and filing only with IRS authorized agency.
  2. Paper Filing – Paper Filing is a time-consuming and traditional way of filing irs form2290. Firstly, you will have to take an appointment from the Internal Revenue Service to file for the form 2290. After that, during the office hours visit the IRS office and then file your form. The paper filing will consume a lot of time and it will take around 5-45 days to get a copy of schedule 1 in your hand. Paper filing is the wastage of time and energy as with e filing you get the schedule 1 copy just within minutes.

Always file the form 2290 before any due date for ensuring that there are no penalties levied on the truck. If you do not file the form 2290 before the due date, then the penalty which is levied is of 4.5%. so file the form before the due date.


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