Eye Catching Floral Art for Wedding Entrance

Eye Catching Floral Art for Wedding Entrance

Wedding trends evolve year after year which means the decoration for wedding is distinct every other year. Also wedding is the most important and celebratory occasion and so it is so important to have wonderful decoration for wedding. One of the best decoration supplies for wedding is flowers. Flower art at the wedding makes the wedding even more special and you can add the charm to the wedding celebration by having eye catchy floral art at the wedding entrance. Entrances have to be grand and we are here to take the floral design to new and beautiful heights. The traditional wedding bouquets and centerpieces get the most attention and there are numerous ways to display these flowers. Flowers can bring personality and style to the wedding ceremony and thus we are here with some statement floral art for the wedding entrance.


1. Edgy Color Palettes

Moodier accents are in the direct contrast with bright romantic blush decor. The wedding scene is dominated by soft textures in the recent years. However, nowadays more and more couples want something more adventurous with palettes. This is done by mixing colors that traditionally doesn’t go together with each other. These unlikely color combinations will sure make edgy decor and will grab attention of many eyeballs.

2. Return to Classics

With Edgy ad modern wedding decoration in rise, there are many couples who want something very traditional and classic. For this type of decoration of the wedding entrance one can use light colored blooms at the entrance. Roses are one of the traditional blooms and there are much other too so use these blooms to create a timeless entrance for the wedding ceremony. You can order beautiful flowers from best florist Brazil online to greet your near and dear ones for their special day.


3. Laser Cut Backdrop

If you are looking for something so modern, you can go for this laser cut backdrop that would not only look good in real but wonderful pictures can be taken keep it in backdrop. You can dream of any design and it is possible with laser cut so get as creative as you can and get it laser cut. This way you can have one of the most modern backdrops for your wedding.


4. Birch Teepee

If the girl you are marrying is a boho bride, trust us this birch teepee is perfect and she will be overwhelmed with such a marriage decor. To complement this birch teepee you can use bright Persian rug on which the bride and the groom can stand and exchange their wedding vows and decide on forever. Get lovely flower decoration ideas from our online gift site and surprise your special ones for their special events through incorporating these decoration ideas in the venue.


5. Modern Chuppah

In the Jewish Wedding ceremony the couple is married under a chuppah that is a canopy which symbolizes couple’s future home where they will live together as partners. You can transform the look of chuppah with modern decorations of gorgeous floral arrangements, greenery as well as sumptuous fabric.  Make fresh flower delivery Brazil to your loved ones for special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings.


6. Floral Walls

Just imagine how grand it will look exchanging vows in front of wall of blossoms. A flower wall is a great wedding decor idea which can create an eye catching focal point. It can be place wherever you want to grab attention like for the dessert buffet or cake table. And once the festivities get started you can also use this backdrop for wedding photos and candid selfies to make it memorable. Make Wedding Flower Delivery Brazil to your favorite couple there and wish them many congratulations through fresh and stunning blooms.


7. Wedding Arch

Nowadays more and more brides are using a canopy or arch to exchange the vows. An arch is actually a ceremonial space for the bride and the groom who are about to start their new life together. Arches are simple structure but you can make them look grand with various decorations with the help of fabrics, leaves, flowers, lights and what not. One can also elaborate the canopies with adorned foliage, branches and blossoms. You can get amazing and beautiful flower bouquet ideas for wedding from our gift site and incorporate the same in your and your dear one’s wedding ceremony.

We hope this eye catchy floral art make your wedding entrance look beautiful and make your wedding grander.


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