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Whenever you are exploring Mongolia through Mongolia travel agency, apart from scenic beauty you will find many gers which are home of Mongolian people. Try your best to get accompanied with another tourist who are like-minded so there will be no conflicts of ideas as the time is a lot that you spend in the van, bumpy rides. Ger always has one barking dog with them who they call as Bankhar.

Lady Head of the family invites you to come inside the ger, but you are not supposed to sit on the north side of ger. They treat you with hoy and delicious milk tea, soft homemade bread, and dried snacks.  Without asking the host will prepare a meal for you in no time. But do remember there is a lot of meat so if you are vegetarian you have to tell them beforehand. After having food, you must be thinking to rest no. There is a lot of activity going on like milk the mares and cows, shear goats, and prepare for evening routines.

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Well do not take burden it’s the way of living a nomadic life in Mongolia, but you will enjoy all these house activities and will be able to closely observe the life Mongolians are leading. You can get involved in activities which you have never done before and can enjoy it. You are invented for spending a night in ger and lady head will prepare beds for you. Try having proper rest as you might have to ride the next day as per your scheduled ride by Mongolia travel agency.

Staying in a ger is the best way to experience the nomadic local life of a Mongolian family. They have this typical ger which is cylindrical tents that they have been living in for thousands of years. Before these nomadic houses didn’t even have electricity so no TV or charging your mobiles. But now you do find this facility. Now the traditional Mongolian tents have a wonderful blend of modern commodities and traditional lifestyle.

Golden Eagle Festival Tour

In your to-do list like you have Golden eagle festival Mongolia also has some time for spending time with a traditional Mongolian family. Feat on traditional Mongolian dishes and explore the outdoors at its best. Spend chatting with the neighbor or your fellow travelers under the star. You will love it all. You can go and explore the Gobi desert. It’s a long drive there. And sometimes even longer when your driver takes some random dirt road and then sometimes gets lost in the middle of nowhere.

So better follow the sign on roads and do not take random turns. Gobi desert is big but has lots of places to see and has impressive scenery to look and capture certainly. You will see more goats, sheep, horses, and camels over here. Sometimes you may be taken to the cultural performance by some kids in family at ger and other children from the neighbor.  They will dance and will make you dance and have fun with them. You will really enjoy no only the Golden eagle festival Mongolia and Gobi desert but most of the time you will enjoy these warm-hearted family members.


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