Exciting Ways to Edit YouTube Videos for Free


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In recent years YouTube has become a popular platform for the youth to earn a career in their desired field. It’s a platform which gives everyone a platform to display their talent, interests and their creative capabilities. However, YouTube requires more than just skill and abilities. YouTube can provide you with a promising career only if one knows the tools to make their videos attractive and striking. Content is the key as everyone says, yet without incorporating trending tolls, it won’t bear the desired results. You should know how to cut the YouTube videos online or how to make a collage, add music and such other stuff. 

If you’re passionate about building a career out of YouTube, this article will be beneficial for you. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the coolest tools necessary to fight in the race of YouTubers. Also, it is quite evident that as a nomad, no one would like to spend too much on editing software; therefore, we have compiled a list of free tools accessible for anyone for free. Hence, to stay updated, continue reading the article until the end.

Let’s now have a look at the free tools available to edit videos-

  • Video Maker 

Video Maker is the most accessible software to assemble your clips into one. You can position your clips according to your preferred order, change the size and shape of the videos through this tool. Not only that Video Maker allows you to add GIFs and images in your videos to make them look more attractive. 

  • Studio

This is another powerful tool for all YouTubers to edit their videos. Studio, like Video Maker, allows you to include images, GIFs in the videos. You will also be able to embed text into them along with reshaping and resizing the clips. You will not have to spend hours editing the videos, with Studio it is less time-consuming and more manageable. 

  • Video Resizer 

Most creators face issues due to the size of the clips frequently. But don’t worry, Video Resizer is there to help you with this issue. All you need to do is transport your video into the app and choose the size that matches the platform. Then the app will resize the video into that size, and you can directly upload it to YouTube. 

  • Loop Video 

Loop Video is an exciting editing tool which makes the videos more engaging. Through this software, you can replay a particular part of the video several times. You will get options for the time slot and looping time, accordingly, you can adjust the clips. 

  • Video Trimmer 

There are so many unnecessary footages in videos which need trimming. Video Trimmer enables you to erase those unrequired clips smoothly and makes the video look professional. 

  • Meme Generator 

Memes are trending on every social media platform these days. Adding memes to your videos is going to make them look even more entertaining, attractive and eye-catchy. So, make sure to try this tool which is available for free. 

  • Subtitler 

Subtitles are crucial mostly if you are making informative videos. Also, if your channel sticks to your regional language, then subtitles are a must to attract a wide range of viewers. 

  • Add Audio to Video 

Music is an unavoidable part of any YouTube video. Most editing software won’t enable you to download your music for free. Hence, try this tool to add the music of your choice without being charged for it. 

  • Collage Maker 

Collage Maker allows you to assemble multiple images, GIFs, short clips into one. You can create exciting frames by juxtaposing different images altogether, which is a very trending thing at the moment. 

  • Reverse Video 

It’s effortless to use this tool named Reverse Maker. All you need to do is upload your video to this software; then it will transform the video in reverse.

  • Video Merger 

When you make a long video capturing different moments, it becomes quite hectic to merge them cohesively. To simplify your task, Merge Video is there to help you where you can combine videos and images of different shapes and sizes and crop the YouTube video according to your preference. 

This is a sum-up of some of the best tools for YouTube videos which are free for everyone. Do give these editing softwares a try to uplift your YouTube content and attract more audience. 

It’s always wiser to start with free tools to master the art of editing. Even though the quality of your content is the essential factor, yet updated editing skills can take your videos to another level. Hopefully, this article was helpful to learn about trending and necessary editing aids for YouTube videos. Make sure to give this article a thorough read to understand each tool and learn about their functionality.


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