Everything you want to know about shade sail an ultimate outdoor product


Shade sails are beautiful fabric devices basically designed to provide outdoor shade. They are cost effective and offer unparalleled design option even for novice.

Planning in detail for Shade sail

You need to consider some important factors before you move ahead your shade sail design.  The most important is asking you, “What I am trying to achieve with this product in my outdoors”. Carefully considered the space you have available in outdoors and whether any underground services exist in that area where you might look at installing post. This process will ensure that you’re planning phase remains relatively problem free.

You should also consider the overall size of the area that you are shading. There are many premade and cost-effective sail products available around the world and accommodating your structured to be pre-made sail rather than building a structure. And ordering a custom-made sale ensures that you save thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Also you should check with your local authorities as whether permits are required for installing a shade sail structure. If you are considering fixing to existing structure then consult an engineer or builder about the strength.

Designing your shade sail

The beauty of shade sail is virtually unlimited in terms of design options. It is worth mentioning that different shade sails have vast differences in the height of their installation points.

Shade sails are designed in such a way that it will provide maximum shade during the hottest afternoon of summer. For this it is important to remember that sun rises in the east and sets in the opposite direction.

Installing of fixing points

Once you have designed and planned the shade sail structure then you can move forward and install the fixing points necessary to support the sail. This will comprise timber columns, brackets, wall pallets or combination for all these things. For the readymade shade sail don’t forget to install the fixing points at a reasonable distance from where sail ends in order to ensure that it can be tension and using turnbuckles for pulleys.

We have decided to have DIY shade sail installed then you can simply install your fixing wherever you want. All you have to measure the area and order the shade sale online to be manufactured to suit your requirements

Installing your shade sail

It is time to fix your tensioning device to the sail so connect them to the fixing points that you have already installed. You already know that heavy duty shade Sail are made up of the fabric that stretches and so the manufacture should have made them allowance for that stretch. The shade sail can be very difficult to install for the first time, therefore feel free to take professional support.

Aside from that there are a number of simple pulley methods that can be applied to make this procedure simple. Once the fitting is connected simply turn each of the tensioning device until sail is tight and nice.

If you don’t want to get in this complex method of designing or manufacturing of shade sail, then you can easily choose shade sail suppliers. There are several online stores that claim to offer these kinds of services to their customers. But none of them matches the standard established by Shade Matters. We are the well-known shade sail suppliers in Australia.

Enjoy and relax

you have made your best bet in your life so set yourself up under your brand new shade sail and sit back relax and enjoy the wonderful outdoor in style.

If you want to have such pleasure in your life with fewer efforts then you need to connect With Shade Matters for the support.  We supply shade sails in Brisbane and other parts of country, so no matter you live in distant city of Australia. Visit our website and select your desired product we will make sure that your product will be delivered at your doorstep without any further delay.

Aside from the shade sail if you are willing to have some exciting furniture in your outdoors, then too you can take our support. We can provide you swing chairs and hammocks at easy rates. So what are you thinking? Leave all the stress of designing and manufacturing behind and place your order online.


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