Everything You Must Know About the Global Talent Independent Program


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The Global Talent Visa Program is a simplified visa option for highly talented professionals who want to work and reside in Australia permanently. The Global Talent Independent Program (GTI) is another name for this program.

Australia is looking for the best and brightest worldwide talent to work in its many future-oriented industries. The program intends to assist them in expanding their innovation and technology economies. By transferring skills, stimulating innovation, and creating jobs, will provide opportunities for Australians.

Australia is also a popular vacation spot and one of the world’s wealthiest, safe, and culturally varied countries. With strong economic relations and a business-friendly regulatory stance, Australia provides chances for innovation. Talented people will be granted permanent residency as part of the initiative, allowing them to start new lives in Australia.

Eligibility for the Global Talent Visa Program

Individuals must be “highly talented” in one of the ten target industries to be granted a visa under the GTI by the Australian government. Australia’s GTI Program focuses on the following sectors:

  1. Agri-food and AgTech
  2. Economic Circularity
  3. Defence, Advanced manufacturing, and Space
  4. DigiTech
  5. Education
  6. Energy
  7. FinTech and Financial Services
  8. Industries that deal with health
  9. Tourism and Infrastructure
  10. Resources

The candidate must get a wage that meets the high-income criterion in any of the ten industries eligible for the GTI. Currently, having the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold of AUD 153,600 is considered a high-income criterion.

What Is the Procedure for Applying?

Expression of Interest

Use the Global Talent contact form to submit an expression of interest (EOI). If you meet the program’s requirements, you’ll receive a unique Invitation reference number and code. If your EOI is accepted, officials will contact you. They are, however, unable to provide updates on the EOI procedure. Officials will contact you via email if your EOI is unsuccessful. You can also send an EOI without the assistance of a Global Talent Officer. ​

Make a Visa Application

Apply for a visa using ImmiAccount after receiving an invitation reference identifier and invitation code. And before the officials decide on your application, you can add immediate family members to it at any moment. Also, it is crucial to meet the health and character requirements for family members who apply for the Visa under the GTI.


You must have a nomination by an appropriate individual or organisation with a national reputation in your profession as part of your application. The nominator should also acknowledge your achievements and worldwide stature. Although, they are not obligated to provide you with work in Australia.

The Form 1000, which the nominator should fill up if you are requested to apply, contains more information on the nominator’s needs. Meanwhile, your nominator cannot be a Global Talent Officer. Once you’ve submitted a Global Talent visa application, you can’t modify your nominator. 

Given the uncertainty surrounding immigration in other nations, the Global Talent Independent Program is a beneficial endeavour to attract some of the best and brightest talents from around the world to Australia. Various companies with considerable experience in Australia can communicate to the Department the value of your skill sets to boost your chances of securing an invitation or a visa.


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