Essential Tips for A Hassle-Free Trip to Adventure Park with Kids


There is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to a family vacation, the City of Gold has a lot to offer. From family-friendly resorts to water fountains, kids’ malls, the beach, aquarium, and parks in Dubai, the city is action-packed with entertainment avenues for youngsters. Speaking of parks, taking the kids to any kind of park whether it is an Adventure Park, theme, water, or amusement park, the kids have a blast. It is pretty exciting.

For parents, however, it can be quite a challenge physically. If you plan to visit Dubai with kids anytime soon, here is a handy guide for you with some tried-and-tested tips to ease the stress. With some planning, you can plan easily and have a hassle-free trip.

So, here are a few tips to keep you safe and sane on your next trip to a park with your young ones:

Book/Buy Tickets Online

Many parts let you avail discounts and deal when you buy tickets ahead of time. Also, doing prior research never hurt anyone. Also, if you share your plan with friends and family online, you might be successful in getting someone’s unused passes or discount tickets. Quite often, there is a discount on booking through the website or Facebook page.

Check the Schedule and Plan

Visit the website of the park that you are planning to visit. It is better to check their schedule and see what time certain rides or activities happen. This way, you can plan your day accordingly. Also, you would have to rush around neither miss out on any of the good stuff.

Pack Proper but Light

Once you have planned everything. It is not time to prepare the bag. Usually, most of the day goes by in covering all the activities and actions in the park. Here are a few things you should pack:

  •         There are a few parks that provide strollers for rent for money. It is better to save that money and pack your own.
  •         Keep hats, water, your phone, an extra set of clothes for younger kids, and sunblock. Don’t forget to keep a towel, some extra tissues, and hand sanitizer.

Appropriate Dressing

See that your kid and the rest of the family is wearing comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing. Dress the kids brightly so that they stand out in the crowd. Keep an extra set of clothes and bathing suits if you are going to a water park or the Adventure Park has some water activity.

Keep Some Food

Usually, things are a bit overpriced at parks. Why not pack your own lunch? Some dry items like sandwiches and fruits? Just get some dessert from there. If the park allows, it’s better to bring your own food and drinks.

Keep a Backpack

Pack all of the things mentioned above into a small bag. You need to keep your arms free. You can ask the kids to carry their backpacks and keep their things with them. If you are bringing a stroller, you could put some stuff there.  Also, pack the night before to save time and stress the next morning.

Keep a Card or Tag with your Number and Give to Kids

If your kids are not old enough to have their own cell phones, see that they keep those tags or cards with them. A slip of paper can also work. Let the children know what it’s for. In case they get separated, they can ask someone to call you up or give your card to someone who works at the park. Even if they don’t remember your phone number completely, they can reach you fast.

Stay Alert

Parks can get rushed and crowded. If you have little ones, stay alert at all times. Make sure that they are either holding the stroller, holding one of the parents’ or older sibling’s hand. You will have to explain that they have to stay close and one should keep an eye on the other. This gives them an activity and they become engrossed in making sure that they all are together.

Whether it’s a kid’s theme Adventure Park and one like Aventura Parks, the guidelines remain the same. Follow these tips and thoroughly enjoy your trip to the park.


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