Essential Steps to start your Journey to become an Influencer


Becoming an influencer is not an easy task. You have to care about many things to attract an audience to make your followers base. In this article, I am going to discuss some essential things that you need to do in order to become an Influencer. So keep reading…

Determine what you are good at

Let’s start from the beginning. What do you like, what do you know about, what turns you on and motivate you to act? Try to list all the things that come to your mind in response to these questions. Is there anything that connects all these elements? Great. Or maybe you know immediately what you want to focus on in your business? So much the better. We have a niche. And you are an expert in it. Think about what can make you stand out to some extent. Especially if the industry is very popular. What feature will be yours alone and will become your hallmark? It can be a logo, identification, name, design style, language. Anything that will be consistent with what you represent and a bit original.

Don’t you feel like an expert on a given topic yet? This can also be your advantage. It is important not to hide that you are just biting into a given field. It will definitely be useful to have at least the basics. You can learn it together with your audience. Transparency is the most important thing.

Select communication channels

This is one part of the strategy, but it is so important that it deserves a separate point. Choose two or a maximum of three communication channels. Why so little, if setting up a blog can be relatively cheap, and you can run social media profiles for free? Because you want your communication to be consistent, realistically attract attention and carry a quality. Unless you have the support of an Instagram Influencer Agency that creates and publishes content for you, it’s just going to be hard to manage multiple accounts equally well. Focus on those in which you feel at ease and/or those whose specificity will suit the content you create. Do you want to create video content, choose YouTube, Instagram and Facebook? Do you bet on beautiful shots, graphics, images? Instagram and Pinterest are waiting for you. You will create expert articles, share your experiences? A blog is a perfect solution for you. Think about the type of content you want and are able to create regularly, and choose the right place to publish it.

Promote yourself

For some, this point may prove perversely the hardest of all. Remember this is not about bragging at all. You just need to be aware of your virtues and dare to talk about them with humility. The key is to carefully communicate that you have done a great job, and people can find it useful and enjoyable. The saying “stand in the corner and wait for them to find you” in the context of building your brand and “influencing” is extremely misplaced. Who is supposed to speak well of you if you are ashamed? Someone might say that good content always stands up for itself. I agree. However, it’s up to you to lead your audience there. Share your content wherever it might seem interesting. Talk about what you did well in such a way that it carries something important to your audience.


Build relationships

Check who is already an influencer in your industry. Get inspired by activities that work. Also, try to establish a direct relationship with people who have been successfully managing their personal brand for a long time. Maybe you will even make a joint campaign or at least share interesting ideas for further actions and recommend each other’s channels and websites among the recipients? Such a crossover can bring great results for both sides.

Nano Influencer agency can help you start your journey to become an influencer. Although, if you keep your keen eyes on the essential thing I mentioned above, you can get a good follower base with ease.


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