Essential Furniture Items You Should Get for Your New Home



Moving into a rented space or purchasing a new home can be both a thrilling process and quite overwhelming, especially if you have not prepared well. Given that there are many promising furniture items available in stores like Urban Hyve, you can easily get confused and lost on which furniture, design elements, and themes you should get while planning for your new home setup.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to that problem. This article contains a list of the essential furniture items that you should invest in to help you create a comfortable space to live in and to complete your first home. If you want to know more about this, read the information listed below:

 Storage and Shelves

One of the essential factors that all new homeowners should consider is storage. Because of that, it’s important to have a chest of drawers, bureaus, cabinets, and open shelves where you can store different types of essentials in your house. If you want to study in your home, investing in a desk with a chair is also a must.

Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity must be a fixture that can comfortably hold the sink while giving you an optimised area to store your everyday items. Moreover, this furniture piece needs to blend in with the entire room, such as the walls and floors.

Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen areas, functionality is important. Hence, you have to invest in comfortable and safe fittings like custom-built storage nooks and wall-mounted cabinets.

Dining Table

All homes should have a nice place where people can enjoy meals and sit properly. Because of that, it would be best if you select a durable dining table from brands like Urban Hyve with matching chairs and make sure to consider the number of your household members. Moreover, you can make your dining area well defined if you make it stand out by matching it with the entire theme of your interior décor.

A Comfortable Bed

A bed is an essential piece of furniture that all property owners should get because this is where you rest your head at night after a tiring and long day. If you get a comfortable bed, you can wake up feeling refreshed and prepared to face the following day. Hence, you should meticulously pick this furniture piece according to important factors like the user’s age, height, etc.

Tables and Seating

The tables and seats are part of every home’s essential things since these items can keep the space organised and comfortable. Some of the most important items you should set up in your living room include chairs, benches, couches, and a wide coffee table. You may feel free to incorporate floor cushions and end tables as well if your area is spacious.

Night Stands

Your bed is not the only important piece of furniture that your bedroom should have. You also need to keep a few nightstands handy on every side of your room so that you can easily reach all the essentials your need during nighttime.


Outdoor Table

If you have yards in your new property, it’s important to have outdoor furniture to make the most out of your outdoor areas. A decent outdoor table with an umbrella feature can be the ideal place you can gather and bond with your family outdoors, especially when the weather is nice.


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