Essential Factors to Look for in a Sports Memorabilia Frame

Sports Memorabilia Frame

Sports jerseys, especially those with autographs of high-profile athletes, can cost a fortune. These items are highly valuable since many sports enthusiasts would love to get their hands on these sports memorabilia. So, if you managed to get one of these, you need to take extra care of it, so you can enjoy having them for a long time. It would be best to have it framed by the experts to prevent damages and deterioration.

But picking the right frame for your sports memorabilia could be a challenge, especially if you have hundreds of options to choose from. Here are several factors to look for if you want your jersey framed to provide maximum protection.

Understand The Types Of Frames

Framing companies offer two basic kinds of frames meant to keep sports jerseys. One is the flat box frame variety, while the other is the shadow box frame variety.

Both these frame types will work well to protect and display valuable sports jerseys. But if you want to customise the display style, choosing the shadow box type could be the best bet. It will allow you to add other items like venue tickets or medals in one frame.

Consider The Framing Materials

After choosing the frame type, it is crucial to select the right materials used in the frame to ensure the protection of the items displayed inside. You need to check if the wood, mattings, and mouldings comply with high-quality standards.

It must also have acid-free backings that fit well in the frame, while its glass should have UV-protective coatings like what most framed photographs use. It is also important to have plenty of choices for the materials and colours of the mattings to make sure that it will complement the sports memorabilia.

Decide How You Want To Present The Jersey

When bringing your valuable sports memorabilia for framing, you can ask the framers to fold it and present it in a layout of your choice. You can instruct them to make sure that the player’s name is visible or fold the area showing the autograph’s location to let everyone see it. The framers will iron the folds to ensure that the jersey remains inside the frame.

Ask How To Keep Jersey In Place

Most often, the framers use a foam core to fit around the jersey to preserve its shape. It is also a crucial part of the frame to guard the material against other elements like tape, pins, and staples used to keep the jersey within the foam backing board or the mat board. Without the foam core, the jersey will fall off if you choose to mount it in a wall.

Once you choose the right frame for your precious sports memorabilia collection, you can ask your trusted framer to help you customise it according to your desired style.

You may ask them to include a photo or the athlete who owns the memorabilia or print out a famous quote from the sports hero’s interviews. It will also look good if you added the date you got the jersey or the event where the athlete wore the item. These additional details will provide more aesthetic value for the display and make everyone appreciate it for years to come.

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