Enjoy Adrenaline-Pumping Desert Sports During The Desert Tour In Abu Dhabi


The desert safari Abu Dhabi tour is the most popular tour by the tourists visiting the UAE. The wonderful scenery and exciting activities in the desert compel the tourists to book thrilling desert safari deals. The Arabian Desert is a hub of cultural activities and heritage of the Bedouin lifestyle. The desert safari from Abu Dhabi starts when you sit in a luxury SUV car and en-route towards the desert. It feels extremely comfortable to enjoy your favorite soundtrack that reminds you of beautiful days of your life.

Dune bashing:

This roller-coaster-like ride on inclined dunes runs a blast of hormones. You feel energetic. The drivers are trained to drive SUV cars around sharp edges of dunes. Screaming, palpitating heartbeat, and adventure make this desert sport the most demanding activity by tourists.

Sand skiing:

The big red dunes are challenging to enjoy sandboarding. Sliding through dunes is a mixed feeling of adventure and fun. The specs of sand touching your body feel as if someone is needling on you. This desert sport is safe and enjoyable for tourists of every age group.

ATV quad bike ride:

This desert involves mental influence to control the bike. You can take a two-seater quad bike to as far as you want in the desert. By driving this bike, you explore the landscape of the desert.

Camel ride:

Riding on a camel to the campsite site is a lovely experience. Moreover, you can visit the camel farm as well. Abu Dhabi city tour is incomparable with other sightseeing points in the UAE. You explore culture, history, tradition, and contemporary lifestyle all in one tour.

Take gorgeous photographs:

The evening in the Arabian Desert is a perfectly magical view. The dreamy sunset and cool breeze capture you in this scenic beauty. Thank God, our generation is blessed with high-resolution cameras, so taking stunning photographs is mandatory in the desert. Moreover, you will love to wear traditional Arabian costumes.

Pictures with Arabian eagles:

The gigantic hawks or eagles feel terrible to some tourists when they are flying in the air. But having them on your hand is an amazing experience. There are trained and friendly hawks in the desert which sit calmly on your arm. Make this moment memorable by capturing beautiful pictures. When you have multiple days to spend in Abu Dhabi, theAbu Dhabi city tour must be your second preference to have a true glimpse of Arabian civilization and architecture.

Attractions at the campsite:

At the campsite, many joyous activities are waiting for you such as sheesha pipe, dance performances, sumptuous dinner, and henna painting tattoos. The spectacular fireworks, Sufi style Tanura dance, and amazing Belly dance show by trained dancers make your evening perfect. Enjoying delicious Arabic dinner after a hectic day in the desert feels like a blessing. You can leave your children to separate playing in at the campsite. Trying sheesha pipe or having henna painting tattoos is full of fun.

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