Enhance Your Eyes With Eyelash Extensions

classic eyelash extensions

The perfect method to fuller eyes

Eyes are considered one of the most attractive features of any woman, with eyelashes playing a significant role. Eyelash extensions are ideal for elevating one’s beauty and drawing attention to one’s eyes. By bonding with the natural eyelashes, they will give your eyelashes length, volume and curl.

They are made of single strands of synthetic fibres and are semi-permanent; a perfect method to give one’s eyes a fuller look. The eyelashes are applied over the natural eyelash to provide a more natural feel. They are perfect for any occasion such as parties and formal gatherings.

Care and touch-ups

These¬†classic eyelash extensions¬†are semi-permanent. It requires careful application with frequent touch-ups for the lash to stay on longer. An average person’s eyelash falls every 60 to 70 days with new lash growing continuously.

Frequent touch-ups are essential. This also depends on the amount of care taken to maintain the eyelash as well as the natural lash falling cycle. Hence, it is recommended to visit a cosmetic salon every 2 to 4 weeks for a touch-up. Constant care with frequent touch-ups will ensure one’s lash to be secured for a long time.

Types of eyelash extension sets

There are various eyelash extension sets that one can select from. These are available in different sizes and lengths to suit one’s needs.

  1. Classic eyelash extension set

This set of classic eyelash extensions is perfect for first-timers trying it out for the first time. It consists of a range of eyelashes for a more defined, natural and thicker look. This set best suites to enhance the natural eyelash and give it a more weightless feel. It also works well on those already having a thicker eyelash and want to define their lash with the right curl and length. It is a perfect go-to for your first try.

  1. Volume eyelash extension set

This set suits those who want to vamp up their look and are heading for a more glamorous feel. Also, those with very fine lashes can opt for this eyelash set. As the name suggests, this set of eyelashes gives fullness to one’s eyes and the right volume required to garner attention. Depending on one’s preference, this set can be used for a much natural or glammed look. It is best for fluffier and glittery eyes for that perfect party look.

  1. Hybrid eyelash extension set

This set of eyelashes works well for those who want the best of both the previous sets of eyelashes that are simply classic with fuller volume. It works well for those with delicate eyelashes and those wanting a fuller, thicker and defined lash. With a mix of both sets of eyelashes in one, the hybrid set is just perfect for those who want to enjoy all in one.

So, what are you waiting for?

Eyelash extensions come in a range of different sizes, lengths and types to perfect the needs of the customer. It is a perfect method to enhance one’s natural eyelashes and flaunt your best features!

With a wide range of options available to choose from, what are you waiting for? Wearing your eyelash extensions will never fail to impress and will also garner confidence with beauty. So, choose the best you and capture the world with your spectacular eyelashes today!


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