Engage Kids During Lockdown Creatively


We all are going through a very tough time during the pandemic situation of Covid-19. Adults are still managing somehow as they can understand and realize the necessity of being home- quarantined. However, what is becoming a greater issue is to make children undertsand. They are still childish enough not to be able to understand the pandemic situations around. As they are the cluster of energy balls, being locked inside the home is making them feel suffocated and annoyed. The sweet childishness is slowly turning into depression and irritation. But, we have to streamline their life to their real course because childhood is one of the most sensitive phases of life. So, different platforms are coming up with various competitions for different age group children to keep them focus on the happier parts of the life. These organizers along with the help of some renowned sponsors encourage the children to join the competitions and keep themselves productive in this difficult time.

Childerns are creative by nature and they love to indulge in anyting creative, let it be drawing, painting, story writing, rhyme etc. Therefore such contests where they can contribute with their heart is more attractive to them. Monomousumi has come up with some innovative approaches to the competitions in this pandemic struck quarantine time. Monomousumi is basically a creative platform that has grown worldwide in last couple of years because of its creative quotient. It covers with a large range of different activities that include- creative writing, photography, drawing, essay contest and many more competitions. The best part of this platform is the creative writing contsests for different age groups including kids, adolescents, and adults which are very much appreciable. Apart from that, the writing competitions are being held in multiple languages so that it can engage many participants. Selected writings are complied in the form of book or magazine and dissimainted through worldwide.

The main thing about international essay writing is to give the chance to the new writer who has the talent but is not able to get the chance to do something. This is the platform where they can get the chance to show their skill and it will help the rural people of various countries like India, UK, Australia, Germany, and some other countries.Also you can find here essay topics list for this kind of competition.

The main objective of such competitions is to recognize, promote, and reward the new and young talent which will be the future of writing. Monomousumi believe that the writers from the rural area have the potential to write something different but they never get the chance to show their talent. The main problem comes in the rural areas as they don’t have the source from which they can show their talent and lack the support they are wasting. Thus, this is a platform who tries to give support to the people who want to show their talent from rural area as well.

Now we all are facing a very crucial time. We are at the verge of such a moment that we all need to help each other, by not being with each other physically, but entally to get this over. Considering the present situation, the creative platform can act as the soothing agent. Through this generosity, the organizers are spreading care in this fight to help others survive in this pandemic situation. But through these contests and arrangements, Monomousumi is trying its best to engage the children to keep them focused on the little enjoyment of life even in these crises. More of such collaboration and bonhomie is required to tackle the current scenario.



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