Emigrating To Europe After Brexit: A Guide

Emigrating to europe

Citizens of the UK have found that the political and social landscape of the country have changed. Many may have had future plans to emigrate to Europe, some may just decided that they now want to escape the land of Brexit.

Despite the situation looking quite hopeless for those who want to avoid Brexit, it’s not all doom and bad news. There are ways to emigrate and even keep a European passport (eventually) to avoid being stuck in Great Britain.

It helps to know the countries in Europe that are easiest to move to and get residency.

If you’ve always wanted to escape the UK and Brexit has dashed your dreams, here are our recommendations.

Move before 2021

OK, so this is obvious and is actually not as easy as you might think. Covid-19 has ruined many travel plans and emigration will be even tricker than usual. But… That’s not to say it can’t be done.

If you know people who live in Europe, you might be able to rent a room or ask them for recommendations of places to stay. You can then register as a resident before the 31st December 2020 cut off point and work on your long term residency plans.

Allow a month at least to get the ball rolling on your bureaucratic processes, so aim to be in Europe before December (ideally).

Buy property

If you have the money to buy property in one of the EU member states, then this will make it easier for you. And you actually don’t need that much. Around €3000 can buy you a 2 bedroom house in rural Romania or Bulgaria. A little more and you can have a nice house in Poland or Slovenia.

For around €40,000 you can find an apartment in a city like Alicante, Valencia or Palermo. They may need some work but they’ll be liveable and you can work on making yourself a permanent resident.


Several countries, including France, give quick residency permits to those who study within their borders. Look into studying a masters or other post graduate course in your choice of EU member state if you’d like to try and stay in Europe after Brexit.


A work visa is always the best way to guarantee your stay in any country, regardless of political situation back home. For Brits, it’s actually quite easy as there are so many British run businesses in the European Union.

Simply identify the businesses that you could work for and keep an eye on their openings. You can even try and establish a relationship with the hiring department and let them know your plans to see if they can help.

Potentially, this will be the best way to escape the UK after Brexit too. There are many skilled British people doing everything from working in marketing to driving delivery vans. You’ll be able to find something!


This is a role that is always in demand around the world, especially in the EU. English is still the global lingua franca, and good English teachers are in demand. Even if you don’t have much teaching experience, it’s relatively simple to get a TEFL or CELTA certificate and start applying for teaching jobs.

Basically, where there is a will, there is a way. If you want to escape Brexit and live in Europe, stop dreaming and start making a solid plan. It will be easier to do this before the UK leaves the EU, but even after then, it will still be possible!



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