An email list verifier is a software that software designed to help you to send emails in bulk to promote your sales or business or run your email marketing campaign. This program helps you to remove flawed and bogus email addresses from your list. This helps to gain better control over your emails.

Normally, when we browse any business website, we are asked to fill in our contact details. Some people knowingly or unknowingly, fill flawed or fake email addresses. All the email addresses whether valid or invalid, end up on the same list. When that website decides to send emails to all the visitors in a bulk, the mails sent to the invalid email addresses start to bounce back and thus the website has to remove these faulty email addresses from their list one by one. This becomes a very huge task if one wants to send emails to thousands of email addresses. Also, these bounce-back emails give your IP address a very negative reputation and can even lead to you getting blocked from various email service providers (ESPs).

But this is a thing of the past. These days there are many email list verifiers on the internet that can help you filter out those redundant and flawed email addresses from your email list in bulk. These bulk email verification software are fast and accurate. Some of such software are EmailListValidation, ZoomInfo, Snovio, TheChecker, ZeroBounce, etc.

The primary objective of an Email List Verifier:

The primary objective of any email list validation service is to help you to filter out the invalid, fake, and redundant email addresses from your mailing list in bulk quantities. Normally as your email list keeps growing, the number of invalid and undeliverable email addresses also keeps adding to it and it becomes quite impossible to separate these from the legitimate, proper email addresses. This is why the bulk email verification software was developed. They help to remove bouncing emails and save your time and money. Email validation software helps you to completely negate the possibility of your email address getting blocked by internet service providers for sending those many bouncing emails.

How does an email verifier work?

The email verifiers work on the principle of automation. This software has to perform the tiring task of removing redundant email addresses from the valid and deliverable email addresses. The bulk email verification process goes through many different steps. First of all, the syntax of all the emails in your list is checked. This process is called a syntax check. Thereafter, the software program checks the availability of specific email addresses. Finally, the software program tries to create an SMTP connection to the mail servers to check if the email addresses are relevant or not. This is done without actually sending an email.

Why should one use Bulk Email Verification Software?

The fact that the email list verify is a sophisticated three-layered process that minimizes your risk of sending emails to fake email addresses, reduces your chance to get bounce-back emails. Secondly, your email list is properly protected and is not shared with any third party. The bulk email validation software is extremely fast and 99% accurate in providing you a list of authentic email addresses. Once an email list passes through this software program, it comes out clean and virtually flawless. They also guarantee the privacy and security of your email list. This in turn helps you to increase the speed of your email marketing campaign by reducing the usage of bandwidth that would have been wasted in sending emails to redundant email addresses. This software not only improves your conversion rate but also helps you in increasing profits.


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