E-PAN – A Hassle-Free PAN application process Using Aadhaar at your doorstep


Permanent Account Number or PAN is a 10 digit alpha numeric number allotted by Income tax department as per provisions of Income Tax Act for compliance of the Act & rules thereof. PAN card is a valid proof of ID and required by financial institutions.

Recently Government has launched facility for instant allotment of PAN card via Aadhaar.  Aadhaar-based instant PAN allotment service allots e-PAN in near-real time. This e-PAN is a digitally signed PAN card issued in electronic format by the Income tax department.

Here is all about how you can apply for your E-Pan within short span of time through simplified and fully digital process.

Finance Minister Nirmila Sitharaman on Thursday launched a facility for instant Pan (Permanent Account Number) card by furnishing Aadhaar details. Those PAN applicants who possess a valid Aadhaar number and have a mobile number registered with Aadhaar can now apply for e-PAN without filling up the detailed PAN Application form.

Beta version for this process is already running under trial basis from February, 2020 on the e-filing website of Income Tax Department.

To apply for e-PAN, applicant must visit the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department, fill Aadhar details and submit the OTP generated on his Aadhaar linked registered mobile number. On completion of this process, a 15-digit acknowledgment number will be generated.

The status of the request can be checked anytime by providing the valid Aadhaar number. Upon allotment, the e-PAN can be downloaded-PAN is also sent to applicant on the email id, if registered with Aadhaar.



  • Process to apply for e-PAN is easier & faster.
  • E-PAN holds same value as physical PAN card. It is not different from PAN issued by Income-tax department via other modes of application.
  • PAN allotment based on Aadhaar is free of cost. If you apply by other modes, you will have to pay fees.
  • This is a paper-less process and applicants are not required to submit or upload any documents.


  • The applicant should have a valid Aadhaar. Your Aadhar Should be active and it should not have been linked to any other PAN
  • The applicant should have his mobile number registered with Aadhaar.
  • The applicant should not have another PAN. As per provisions of Section 272B of the Income Tax Act., 1961, a penalty of ₹ 10,000 can be levied on possession of more than one PAN.


To avail this facility all you need is a Valid Aadhaar and make sure that your mobile number is registered with Aadhar. Having email id registered with UIDAI will also be beneficial as you can have your E-PAN delivered to your email ID in that case.

To apply forE- PAN, Following steps are to be taken by applicant :

  • Visit the e-Filing website of Income-tax department at incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  • Click on InstantPAN through Aadhaar under the ‘Quick Links’ section.
  • Fill in your Aadhaar in the space provided and confirm.
  • The applicant will receive an OTP on the registered Aadhar mobile number; OTP can be generated any number of times. If you don’t get an OTP after multiple attempts, you have to contact UIDAI.
  • On receiving, submit this OTP in the text box on the webpage.
  • After submission, an acknowledgement number will be generated.
  • On successful completion, a message will be sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number and registered e-mail id.


Once the applicant has successfully applied for e-Pan, PAN can be downloaded as well as its status can be checked using Aadhar. OTP authentication is required to check status/download the PAN.

  • Visit e-Filing website of Income-tax department. (Url: www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in)
  • Click on Instant PAN through Aadhar under the ‘Quick Links’ section. There Click on Check Status/Download PAN Tab
  • Fill Aadhar number, and then submit the OTP sent to the Aadhar registered mobile number.
  • Check the status of application- whether PAN is allotted or not.
  • If PAN is allotted, click on the download link to get a PDF copy of the e-PAN.
  • Please note, upon allotment, E-PAN is also sent to registered email ID of the applicant.

As per notification dated 7/2018 dated 27.12.2018, electronically issued digitally signed e-PAN now is a valid mode of issue of PAN. E-Pan holds same value as physical Pan Card.

However, if applicant wants to get a printed physical PAN card, it can be done by submitting request at https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/ReprintEPan.html  or at https://www.utiitsl.com/UTIITSL_SITE/mainform.html

However, e-PAN also contains enhanced QR code having demographic (Name, DOB) as well as biometric (scanned photo and signatures) information of the PAN holders which can be accessed and used for PAN verification purposes in off-line mode. These details are accessible through a QR code reader which can be downloaded from the link provided at the website.

In case of any problem in using this facility, applicant can mail the issue at [email protected]


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