Dog’s behavioural problems


Domesticated for millennia, the dog has forged a strong relationship with Man. He understands us well and often anticipates our desires and reactions. Breeders have worked on breeds and lineages to optimize the skills and character of the dogs according to their respective missions (hunting, guard, company, etc.). But whatever our ties, Man and Dog remain two very different species in their understanding of the world and in their relations with their fellow human beings.

It is therefore very common to see masters overwhelmed by the situation, panicked or disappointed by the reactions of their dog and behavioral problems, becoming more and more detached from their faithful companion. We see the number of abandonments each year, the result of a misunderstanding between the two species. Several symptoms may have highlighted the problems that exist with your pet on this topic below.

All these phenomena have a unique cause: your dog lives in a society that is not his own and whose codes and rules he does not know. He’s confused, lost. Believe us, your companion is not happy.

2 Vizsla Dogs Standing on Brown Wood Plank

You will have to act in-depth, understand what has failed in the education, socialization, or integration of your dog. The longer you wait, the more your companion will sink into his difficulties. Behavioral disorders will increase and become unliveable in the long run, both for you and for your pet. Obviously, this therapy must be performed gently. This requires techniques and a know-how that is not everyone’s. Be demanding and contact Canniest professionals. Our experts are all trained, experienced, insured, and accredited by veterinary services. The behavioral check-up is carried out at your home, in order to consider:

  1. Environmental elements: the presence of a school, a railway track, stray cats, etc.
  2. The composition of your family: infants, future birth, presence of other animals
  3. The character and behavior of each family member
  4. The organization of your daily life: working hours, frequency and nature of outings
  5. The architecture of your home: dog’s place to live, no-go zones, place of urination


10,000 complaints are filed each year for noise caused by a dog barking.

The noise of animals can, in some cases, constitute a disturbance to the tranquillity of others by repeated sound attacks. This offense, provided for by Article 222-16 of the new Penal Code, is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros.

Fortunately, there are effective, violence-free solutions.


Even a small dog can do considerable damage in a house. Repairs can be very expensive and can damage your relationship with your landlord.

The danger is significant if the dog starts attacking the electrical wires or the contents of the garbage can. It is absolutely necessary to stop this destruction before your relationship deteriorates.


At puberty, some dogs run away regularly (some breeds more than others). These walks can have dramatic consequences: road accidents, poisoning, theft of the dog, injuries, degradation, involuntary protrusion. Law enforcement is beginning to tire of finding stray dogs and the consequences produced. They no longer hesitate to verbalize their masters.


Your dog lacks energy and enthusiasm. He no longer wants to play or go for a walk. He doesn’t even want to cuddle anymore. The state of depression is often triggered by a traumatic event (loss of a loved one, moving, etc.) or during aging. It needs to be fixed before your dog loses a complete taste of life.


500,000 cases of dog bites are reported in France each year (figures from the Centre for Documentation and Information of Insurance (CDIA), resulting in 60,000 hospitalizations. In addition, the figure of 500,000 is that of reported assaults. A large number of bites are not the subject of a complaint, probably the vast majority (especially concerning small dogs).

Fears / Phobias

Some dogs are not afraid of anything, others are much more sensitive and startle at the slightest noise.

Some dogs are so afraid that they only go through the situations that follow each other during the day. They refuse to go out, shave the walls or tremble in your arms (no it is not cold…). It is absolutely necessary to cure your dog of his fears, at the risk of totally dissocializing him.


Your dog is not yet clean and regularly stains your environment. Sometimes even he holds back during daily walks to do in the house. This distressing behavior is characteristic of a poorly educated puppy.

Your dog has learned to hold back but regularly makes needs on the couch, on your bed, even on your spouse This is obviously a problem of prioritization.


Your dog eats his droppings or those of other dogs. He rummages through the trash to devour your baby’s diapers. Don’t worry, it’s very classic. But it’s dangerous and disgusting… It is a matter of putting an end to it.


Our behaviouralists are increasingly consulted for dogs that engage in self-centered behaviors.

Like some teenagers who cut their arms or bite their nails, these dogs lick their paws, tear their hair, scratch, or gnaw at their limbs all the time, sometimes until they reach the bone…

It is rarely an allergy but more often a psychological problem.


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