Does packaging is spreading Corona Virus


After 3 to 4 months of complete lockdown, several states decided to adopt a smart lockdown strategy. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, every industry had to face serious consequences. The smart lockdown strategy helped many businesses. Among other fields, the packaging industry also resumed its operations. Like other businesses, the packaging industry also had to face several issues. One major issue was to minimize the spread of coronavirus through custom boxes. In this article, we will discuss about the spread of coronavirus through packaging boxes.

Does packaging really spread the Corona Virus?

Noval Corona Virus can spread through various means. According to WHO, coronavirus spreads by interacting with various kinds of surfaces. If you shake hands with someone or touch any kind of metal or plastic surface where the virus is present, you can be a carrier of Coronavirus. Now, coming towards packaging boxes, they are not made of metal or plastic. So, can they be a carrier of this virus? Yes, they can be before going any further we need to understand coronavirus a bit more. 

This virus can exist or transmit through various kinds of surfaces. The latest recommendation of WHO states that coronavirus can stay for many hours on almost every kind of surface. Packaging boxes are made from cardboard and paper. These materials sound quite ordinary but coronavirus can stay on these surfaces. So, everyone who uses customized packaging boxes should be extra careful. This doesn’t mean that businesses should stop using custom wholesale boxes by city of packaging. They should follow standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to stay safe from this deadly virus. Here is how one should use and interact with packaging boxes during this pandemic.


1: Special care must be adopted while transporting packaging boxes

It is and it should be pretty much clear that the packaging industry has to operate on different procedures. Boxes manufacturing companies cannot simply operate on old working procedures. Therefore, special care must be adopted while transporting custom printed boxesEvery packaging company should make wearing masks compulsory for their employees. Social distancing should be practiced. Even the customers who receive their goods in packaging boxes should follow the same standard operating procedures. They should

2: Wear gloves and mask while packing goods in custom boxes

As mentioned before, Coronavirus can spread through almost any type of surface. Therefore, employees of every packaging should wear gloves and face masks. The purpose of wearing this equipment is to make sure that the packaging boxes are free from any kind of virus. When the worker will follow strict standard operating procedures, the spread of this virus can be minimized. The products that are being packed or stored should also be sanitized. This way companies can make sure that their boxes and workers aren’t the carriers of this deadly virus. 

3: keeps your hands clean, use soap and sanitizer.

When you receive a parcel or any goods packed in any of these custom boxes, you should also follow the same rules. Once you have opened the packaging, make sure you wash your hands. It would be great to wear gloves before opening the parcel. The main purpose of wearing gloves and washing hands is to kill the virus even if it exists on the packaging box surface. The same rules should be followed by the company’s workers who manufacture these boxes. When both, the customers and the manufacturers follow strict standard operating procedures, the spread of coronavirus can be stopped. So, these are some simple methods or precautions that everyone should follow. We cannot blame the whole packaging industry as the cause of this virus. Everyone has to protect himself from this deadly disease by following simple rules. 



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