Businesses Must Have a Document Management Policy that Includes Shredding


A lot of businesses might consider that the need for a document management policy is just for those institutions like the finance industry where there is a lot of personal information in record about clients or customers. But regardless of the industry, you are in and business you have, it is probable you generate some secure documents that need destroying properly by paper shredding, to prevent that information from being stolen and used by criminals. If you generate any kind of confidential documents, then you should have a policy in place to make sure they are properly dealt with. No-one wants secure documents stolen from dumpsters your business has incorrectly thrown them into, take for nefarious purposes. That would not be good for your business should that be link back to you, and it is your responsibility to deal with the documents properly.

What are you doing with your sensitive data?

Lawyer’s offices, financial institutions, medical offices all generate a lot of sensitive documents. But even other types of business probably have documents with data people would prefer did not end up in a trash heap somewhere someone unscrupulous could find and use. What are you currently doing with those papers? Are they sitting in boxes somewhere taking up storage room and being a security risk is someone breaks in? Do you have some shredders in the office perhaps? You may have noticed though this takes up the time of someone who has other work to do. The answer is looking at document shredding services.

Different forms, same problem

The type of documents that need destroying come in all kinds of shapes and forms. It might be data on your own business, it might be customer information, or it could be your employees’ information. When in doubt, if you no longer need a hard copy in paper of something get it shredded. No-one wants to have to go to investors, customers and clients and admit you did not properly take care of their information. Or to lose trade secrets to the competition because of a lack of a document management policy and proper paper shredding.

An information destruction policy is essential

Any business that generates paper should have an information destruction policy written and it should be something all employees are made aware of. It should include things like committing to having secure shred bins and containers. Whether you are doing the shredding in house, what happens to the paper shreds after that? If you are hiring a company to shred is it on-site and supervised or offsite

Using a paper shredding company

Using document shredding services is a great way to make sure the papers are destroyed properly, so that there are no sticking things back together, and that those shreds are then dealt with. Whether you use a mobile shredding service or not, make sure you are happy with their process, and make sure they give you something that confirms the destruction once it happens.


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